Unlit stretch: Firm to address problems
Published on: Friday, October 16, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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Lack of illumination along this main road in Manggatal is hazardous to drivers at night.
THE firm tasked with building the Pan-Borneo Highway on either side of the roundabout, near the Grand Merdeka Mall in Manggatal, will be asked to address the problems caused by the lack of illumination at that part of the Tuaran By-pass.

A City Hall spokesman said the traffic hazards posed by the unlit sections of the stretch had been raised during a co-ordination meeting recently.

“The company carrying out the road work agreed to have temporary lighting put up in places along the road,” he said.

“We will call on the management to make good on this and to consider having spotlights erected at strategic locations.”

Alternatively, they would also be asked to look into the possibility of placing flashing lights or reflective signs on the barricades along the road, according to him.

“This will allow drivers to be aware of any obstructions in their path.”

He said City Hall personnel would keep an eye on the situation to ensure that the area near the roundabout was adequately lit at night.

The spokesman was responding to a Manggatal driver’s observations about the potential traffic hazards posed by the unlit portion near the Mall.

ANDREYA said barricades had been placed along the road leading to the roundabout.

She said it was difficult to make out these obstructions at night as the streetlights on the divider had been out of operation for some time. 

“A few years ago, an apartment resident was injured when a lorry ran into the car he was in at night,” she said. 

“The lorry driver apparently did not realise that there was vehicle making its way past the roundabout because the streetlights on the main road were inoperative.”

She was keen to prevent accidents like this from recurring. 

“I believe that any unpleasant incidents might be avoided if only the road is adequately lit after dark,” she said

Andreya said the illumination would also enable drivers to see the speed signs put along the stretch at night.

“The signs indicate that motorists should go at most 30 kilometres per hour but many insist on going faster than this.

“I have been subject to road rage on several occasions at night from drivers who insist on disregarding the speed limit here.”

Andreya hoped the relevant authority would act quickly to ensure that sections of the road near the roundabout were sufficient lit for the benefit of road-users. 

“Failing this, they should consider putting up flashing or luminescent signs along the road.”

The spokesman said a check of its records revealed that the lights had temporarily been handed over to company.

“These facilities might be refurbished once the road work has been completed,” he said.


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