'King of Borneo, Sulu, Mindanao' scam exposed
Published on: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
By: The Star
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Kuala Lumpur: A video of a ceremony proclaiming a man as the “King of Borneo, Sulu and Mindanao” has resurfaced, causing a stir online with individuals in it believed to be involved in a fake Datukship scheme.

Lawyer Datuk Theng Book said the video was believed to have been shot last year.

“We would like to warn the people about the scheme and the individuals in this video might also be involved in it.

“By proclaiming himself as the ‘king’ of the region, he might be giving out awards and titles,” he said during a press conference with MCA Public Service and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong yesterday.

Also present was Council of Federal Datuks Malaysia senior exco member Datuk Samson David Maman.

The seven-minute video shows nine individuals sitting in front of a group with the “king” seated in the centre next to a man wearing formal court attire.

There were also several other individuals in the video who claimed to be the representatives of the indigenous people of Borneo, and “vice-chairman of the United Nations peace foundation”.

Samson cautioned the public not to fall for any ploy where they have to pay a sum of money to get a Datukship.

“We did some research and there were a lot of people who fell for the scam and lost a lot of money.

“Severe punishment awaits those who receive and use unrecognised foreign awards as stated in Act 787 Article 12 of the Laws of Malaysia,” he said, adding that punishment included a jail term of not more than three years.

“If one wants to get awarded, one must work for it and get recognised by the Sultans or state governors.

“I advise the public to also respect the country’s royal institution by not ‘buying’ awards from unrecognised foreign institutions,” Samson said.

Chong believes that the so-called king, whom he said was identified in the video as one Allen Neoh Weng, is not a Malaysian.

“We have been receiving inquiries from the public regarding the video that has been circulating online for about a month and we feel obliged to inform the public about the authenticity of the video.

“We have studied it and believe that the ceremony was held outside Malaysia, so it should not be our concern,” he said.


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