Vegetation at Kg Sinulihan trimmed by SESB
Published on: Saturday, November 21, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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These overgrown branches in Inanam were trimmed as they had encroached into the path of the elecricity wires nearby.
Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) has trimmed the greenery in an Inanam village, following a homeowner’s observations that some of the trees there were overgrown.

The consumer expressed her concern about power disruptions taking place in Kg Sinulihan as many of the branches had encroached into the path of the power lines nearby.

The homeowner provided Hotline with the location of the unkempt greenery in the area. This information was forwarded to the firm.

A SESB spokeswoman said its personnel went to the area shortly after the management became aware of this problem.

“One of our contractors trimmed the branches closest to the electricity cables a few days later,” she said

“His workers also cleared the creepers around the overhead lines.”

She urged the public to report any irregularities involving SESB’s installations, including the power lines in their area, directly to the firm.

“This will allow us to deal with such problems as soon as possible.”

MONICA of Inanam feared the likelihood of blackouts occurring in the village if the overhead lines were damaged.

“There is a high possibility of the branches snapping and falling onto the cables the next time there are strong winds or a thunderstorm,” she said.

“Any outage caused because of this damage can be avoided if only the local authorities or SESB takes the trouble to trim the trees before hand.”

Alicia was at a loss to understand why the trees were not pruned regularly. 

“Such action will go a long way to preventing the electricity supply to the homes along the road from being disrupted.” 

Monica hoped SESB would intervene to prevent consumers from being unnecessarily inconvenienced. 

“Given the strong winds and heavy rains which we have been experiencing on and off since October, thankfully, these transmission lines have not been severed in two,” she said.

SESB workers hard at work dealing with the overgrown greenery near to its transmission lines in Inanam.

She said several of his neighbours had reported these irregularities to SESB. 

“They were assured that this problem would be attended to and told to be patient, each time they contacted the firm to find out what had been done.”

Meanwhile, a Luyang consumer has spoken out about the fire-hazards posed by the greenery around the electricity wires along a section of Jalan Kijang.

CHONG, who lives in Luyang Phase 5, said the distribution line connected to her home was about to come away from the surface to which it was attached.

“I feel that this is hazardous to the well being of my home and loved ones,” she said.

“A stray spark could cause my home to catch on fire.” 

She admitted to being fearful about this situation especially when it rained or there was a strong wind blowing.

“The cable could snap at any time leaving me and my family at risk of being electrocuted.”

She said a section of the line had also become entangled in the branches of some trees growing in the area.

Chong said she first noticed these irregularities towards the middle of last year.

She said she had phoned the local authorities to have the trees pruned and the creepers removed.

“A City Hall officer came down to photograph the problem shortly thereafter.  He told me that he would have to apply for funds to have the greenery trimmed.”

When no action was forthcoming, she reached out to the Assemblyman for her area. But, even then, nothing was done.

Earlier this year, Chong contacted SESB. She said one of the firm’s staff came to her home a few days later.

“He acknowledged that the trees were a fire-hazard. The individual promised to inform his superiors about this as the power in my area would have to be shut-down temporarily in order for the greenery to be dealt with.

‘So far, he has yet to make good on his word,” she said on November 17.

Chong provided Hotline with the location of the overgrown greenery. This information was forwarded to SESB. 


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