Broken Kolombong drain cover to be rectified: City Hall
Published on: Friday, January 08, 2021
By: Sidney Skinner
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The metal bars of this grilles have either given way or are about to do so.
City Hall will attend to the grilles covering a drain beneath which cuts across the access road to a commercial centre along Jalan Kacang Tanah 1, in Kolombong.

This follows a complaint from a Luyang motorist who claims that some of the grilles were damaged or danger of giving way.

A spokesman for the agency said its officers inspected the road shortly after being made aware of this problem.

“We will have new grilles placed over the drain as soon as we have the funds to do so,” he said.

“In the meantime, metal plates will be placed over the gaps to ensure that drivers can safely access the commercial centre.”

He apologised, on behalf of City Hall, for the inconvenience caused by this problem 

“We have also asked our maintenance staff to be more mindful of any irregularities involving the drains and to attend to these matters promptly.”

The concrete covering this Kepayan drain has not been maintained in a long time.

VERN of Luyang bemoaned the poor condition of the grilles near the Taman Sri Kolombong shophouses.

He said several motorists had already missed getting the tires of their vehicles stuck in “the holes” in the grilles as they drove across the drain.

“I work at an office based in this area. Some of our customers have remarked about the dangers posed by the grilles,” he said.

“They claimed that they risked being hit from behind as they slowed down to go over the drain.”

Vern said this problem was especially trying for drivers as the covered drain was located at the base of a slight slope. 

“It is difficult to get enough pick up to climb the incline, as one has to slow down to go over the drop in the road.” 

Vern lamented the damage caused to the undercarriage of his vehicle from going over the grilles.

“I have to go on and off to the workshop and have spent a substantial sum in repairs to my car.”

He said his peers had reported the irregularities related to the grilles to the local authorities but, so far, no action had been taken. 

“A proprietor who runs a building at the commercial centre put some worn-out tires and wood around the drain to ensure that drivers swerve around the exposed sections.”

The ‘holes’ in this Kolombong grilles are hazardous to drivers who access the shophouses here.

Vern provided Hotline with the location of the grilles in question. This information was forwarded to the City Hall. 

Meanwhile, a metal plate has been placed over a hole in the concrete covering a drain outside a Kepayan home.

The spokesman said this was a stop-gap measure while the agency arranged to have the “cover” rebuilt.

“We hope to get down to doing this some time within the next few months,” he said.

When asked how often structural maintenance was carried out on the drains, including the covers, in the housing area, he said such work was carried out as and when it became necessary to do so.

“Our staff has been instructed to periodically check on the common areas around the neighbourhood to ensure that drains are in a good condition.”

He also advised rate-payers to inform City Hall of any irregularities involving the public amenities in the neighbourhood so that action could be taken to deal with these problems as soon as possible.

The agency’s action was prompted by the homeowner’s misgivings about the potential danger the “hole” in the roadside posed to those going on foot.

BERN said pedestrians could easily wind up injuring themselves or worse, if they slipped and fell into the hole.

“The damaged section looks to be about 1 metre in diameter and 1 meter deep,” she said.

She said she first noticed the hole towards the end of December.

“I contacted City Hall about this shortly after this but, so far, nothing has been done to repair the concrete in front of my home,” he said on January 4. 

“I fear that I might not be able to drive into my house if more of the concrete collapses.”


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