Kepayan pet owner to relocate pups
Published on: Tuesday, April 06, 2021
By: Sidney Skinner
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One of the adult dogs is observed sleeping in the common area beside the home.
A KEPAYAN pet owner has agreed to relocate his puppies once they are a little older and to have the adult dogs neutered.

A City Hall spokeswoman said personnel with the agency’s Animal-Control Unit (ACU) were assured of this, when they met with the individual in the fourth week of March.

She said two dogs and two puppies were seen in his compound at the time.

The latter were observed to still be nursing, according to her. 

“Because of this, the dog owner appealed for more time to allow them to get a bit bigger before he shifted them away.

“If need be, we can step in to assist him in finding a new home for the puppies.”

The latest addition to the family of dogs, two puppies, seen outside the gate. 

She was responding to another rate-payer’s claims that City Hall had failed to crackdown on the number of dogs which her neighbour was rearing.

The individual claimed that the original pair inside this property had given birth several times since last year, with the family growing with each new litter.

At one stage, she said there were as many as eight full-grown canines in his yard.

She wanted to know how the agency could be turning a blind eye to these developments as the situation seemed to be getting out of hand.

The rate-payer provided Hotline with the location of the home with the canines. This information was forwarded to City Hall.

The spokeswoman refuted the allegation that the dog woes there were going unattended, saying that the ACU had made repeated checks on the neighbourhood over the past year.

The dogs sometimes fight among themselves on the housing road. 

She said a fresh inspection was carried out after City Hall got wind of the latest additions in the dog owner’s compound.

“The individual was reminded that only two of the four canines were registered with us,” she said.

“He was told that he could not obtain more licences as we only allow two dogs per home.”

She said in light of concerns about the expanding family of canines in his yard, he was further advised to have his original pair spayed.

“The pet owner was also asked to ensure that his dogs remained inside his compound and to accompany them if they went out onto the housing road.

“He should also keep his canines on a leash, or at the very least supervise their activities, when they are in the common places around the neighbourhood.”

The spokeswoman said City Hall would keep an eye on the situation to determine if the individual complied with these instructions.

“Further action will be taken, if he fails to do so.”

The canines wander about unsupervised at night. 

SUNNY of Kepayan bemoaned the nuisance created by her neighbour’s pets.

She said the female dog had recently given birth and the puppies barked all night, depriving the other residents of a good night’s sleep.

Sunny said the pet owner also allowed his canines to wander in the common areas around the neighbourhood, even when he was not at home.

“The dogs can be seen on the housing road during the day and, at times, even at night.

“On several occasions, these canines have become aggressive towards each other, with the sound of growling coming from the stretch.” 

She said the canines often soiled the section of the verge and road immediately in front of her house.

“We have to check the stretch each time, before we leave or return to our homes, to avoid unknowingly stepping in or driving into the canines’ stool.

“All of us are fed up of having to hose down the road whenever it is used as a toilet by the dogs.”

On top of this, Sunny expressed her displeasure about the mess left behind when the canines foraged for food among the garbage from her home.

“They tip over my bin and bite through the plastic bags inside, giving me extra work after they leave.” 

She said the pet owner did not seem to be bothered that his canines had become a public nuisance.

“I have nothing against the dogs, but I feel that the owner should at least keep an eye on his pets when they are outside his house before the situation gets out of control.”

Sunny hated to imagine what would happen if an innocent passer-by, including any of the neighbourhood children or an elderly pedestrian, was bitten or mauled by the canines.

She said she had seen the dogs chasing cars and even motorcycles which used the housing road on countless occasions.

“Some of those living here have voiced their displeasure to City Hall about these goings-on to him but, so far, the problems still persist.

“One of my neighbours contacted the agency at the beginning of March last year about this. He was assured that action would be taken 

“He phoned City Hall on and off a few times afterwards and received the same assurance in each instance.


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