Never-ending water woes in Sepanggar
Published on: Tuesday, September 14, 2021
By: Sidney Skinner
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The water pressure in the transmission mains near KKIP Selatan was found to be strong.
WATER Department staff will keep an eye on the supply to one part of the Sepanggar Bay area to minimise the water woes which Manggatal consumers there have been experiencing.

A Department spokesman said it was aware that the taps ran dry from time to time at Malawa Ria, Sri Gayang, Taman Bukit Setia, Taman Jaya Diri and KKIP Selatan.

He said the low levels at the agency’s reservoir, from which these residents and proprietors drew their supply, was to blame for the difficulties they had experienced.

“We initially tried to by-pass this installation by having their supply channelled through one of our tanks here,” he said.

“This enabled many consumers with premises on the lower ground to receive some tap water.

“We noticed, however, that there was still insufficient pressure in the transmission mains for the supply to reach those on higher ground.”

He said the Department later resorted to diverting part of the output from its Telibong 1 treatment plant to this area.

The incoming supply was confirmed to be entering the Taman Bukit Setia ground tank.

“This has improved the pressure, allowing those with upper-floor units, including apartment and flat-dwellers, to get tap water.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation. If need be, we will adjust the valve on the main distribution pipes to try and regulate the supply to our consumers here.”

The spokesman was responding to complaints from apartment-owners at Melawa Ria and Taman Bukit Setia who were frequently without tap water for hours, and sometimes even days, on end. 

GARY, who occupies a third floor unit at Malawa Ria, bemoaned the irregular supply to his unit.

“Not a drop of water was available in my apartment at about 6am on a recent Wednesday,” he said.

“I immediately contacted the management company (MC) and was informed that the disruption was due to a shutdown by the Department.”

He found this difficult to believe as the agency had not forewarned consumers to store water before stopping the supply.

“I did not see any notices on social media and none of my neighbours had either.”

When he returned from work at 10pm that day, only the sound of air could be heard coming from his taps. 

Gary was still “high and dry” two days later, when he contacted Hotline for help.

He hoped the Department would intervene to assist its consumers at the apartments.

A tenant from Taman Bukit Setia also appealed for the agency’s help, as she said the water situation at the property were going from bad to worse.

JENN said the taps in her second floor unit had run dry on a Thursday night in September.

“I contacted the MC the next morning, when there was still no water,” she said.

She said this was not the first time that she had experienced these water problems.

“For the past few months, the supply to my apartment comes and goes. Water is only available for a few hours each time.

“Several of my neighbours have reported this problem to the MC but the situation has yet to improve.” 

At the time that she contacted Hotline, Jenn said the taps in her unit had run dry for a few days.

“Me and my family have been going over to a relative’s place in Inanam to bathe.

The Department’s staff check the control panel  for the water-pumps near Taman Bukit Setia.

“Since Friday, we have been eating out and depending on bottled water to get by.” 

Hotline provided the Department with the dates of the disruptions at Melawa Ria and Taman Bukit Setia.

The spokesman said the agency’s staff checked on the condition of the distribution line leading to these properties, shortly after being contacted by the media.

“They cleared any air locks inside the transmission pipes and double-checked on the pressure of the water inside,” he said.

“At the time, they found the pressure at both locations to be strong.”

He said its personnel also inspected the Department’s pump-house, near Taman Bukit Setia, and found that the water-pumps were functioning as they should.

“On top of this, they also confirmed that the incoming supply was entering the ground-tank for this property.”

He said the agency would periodically keep tabs on the goings-on at both apartments to ensure that its consumers received a supply.

“We urge the public to report any irregularities directly to us so that we can attend to these problems as soon as possible.” 


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