Concern over non-maintenance of properties
Published on: Thursday, October 07, 2021
By: Sidney Skinner
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The vacant Luyang house has fallen into a state of neglect.
CITY HALL staff will keep tabs on the goings-on in one part of Luyang to ensure that a landowner tends to his/ her compound regularly, while the Water Department will step up efforts to maintain the grounds for two of its properties in Telipok. 

This follows complaints about the unkempt condition of the land around the private structures in these areas.

A Luyang rate-payer decried the potential fire hazards posed by the overgrown grass surrounding a run-down house along his housing road.

He also feared that thieves might use the premises, which had been unoccupied for over a decade, as a hiding place to stage break-ins.

A Telipok consumer, on the other hand, said the mini-jungle which had sprung up inside the compound for the elevated tanks, as well as the one around the pump-house for the neighbourhood, was an eye-sore.

The grounds of this Telipok pumphouse had not been maintained in some time.

 They provided Hotline with the location of the unkempt properties, which was forwarded to the respective agencies.

A spokeswoman for the City Hall’s Health and Environment Department said its staff went to the Luyang neighbourhood twice over a span of three months.

They confirmed that the yard around the house had not been attended during separate inspections in July and September, according to her.

Notices were pasted near the front gate to the premises in each instance, instructing the landowner to trim the greenery and clean up the mess inside, including the unwanted items and empty receptacles strewn about the yard.

She said there was concern that rainwater collecting inside the latter might become a potential breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes.

“The homeowner contacted us after the check at the end of September and has since had the grass inside the compound cut,” she said.

“Much of the rubbish around the property has been cleared away. An empty water-tank which was lying on its side in the car porch, has been relocated elsewhere.”

She said the individual was preparing to get rid of the scrap metal pieces on the grounds.

“We were made to understand that he/ she is arranging to have the premises renovated. 

“Our inspectors, nevertheless, reminded the homeowner to be more diligent in maintaining his/ her yard  so as not to create problems for others living nearby.”

COOPER of Luyang said the house, off Lorong Kukang, had fallen into disrepair as it had not been maintained in more than 10 years.

“The front doors are missing and the compound is covered with ‘lalang’ and other sorts of weeds,” he said.

Cooper voiced his concern that land around the building might be full of dangerous reptiles and insects.

City Hall staff leaving a notice at the premises, off Lorong Kukang.

“There are empty containers scattered about my neighbour’s yard which I fear may become a habitat for mosquitoes, rats, snakes and other pests.

“Those of us staying here do not know the whereabouts of the homeowner, otherwise we would try to inform of about the nuisance created by his/ her property.”

Meanwhile, the Water Department has cut the grass and cleared the weeds around its installations in Taman Putra Perdana.

A spokesman for the agency said similar maintenance efforts would eventually be carried out around its other properties in the State Capital.

“We have just received the funds to do this and will be calling a quotation for this purpose,” he said.

“We will periodically keep an eye on the condition of the land around our installations and make sure that it does not become unkempt in future.”

He said the Department had checked on the condition of the perimeter fence for the elevated tanks and pump-house in the neighbourhood.

“There were no holes in either fence. However, our staff did observe that the compound where the elevated tanks were house was unlocked. 

“The gate to the area was later secured with a chain and padlock.”

The compound to the elevated tanks in Taman Putra Perdana was unlocked and overgrown.

MARK of Telipok said the area around the Department’s properties had not been maintained in some time as the grass was more than knee high.

He said the lack of maintenance caught his eye, when he went for a walk around Taman Putra Perdana recently.

“I looked through the gate and was shocked by how tall the grass inside and creepers covering the fences for this land.”

Mark shared his observations with a friend who claimed to have heard about mischievous youngsters trespassing inside the compound for the elevated tanks.

“These youth apparently like to climb up to the top. I hope the Department intervenes to lock up the property before any of them fall off the platform on which the tanks are placed.” 


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