CEO charged with multiple crimes
Published on: Thursday, October 14, 2021
By: Tempo Indonesia
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JAKARTA: The National Police has officially named the CEO of investment firm Jouska Financial Indonesia, Aakar Abyasa Fidzuno (pic), as suspect of charges including fraud, embezzlement, capital market crimes, up to money laundering.

This refers to an investigation report notification No.B/75/X/RES.1.11/2021 addressed to the lawyer representing 41 clients of Jouska on October 4, Bisnis.com reported.

Fidzuno was incriminated in a suspected crime after 41 of his clients accused him of financially hurting his customers by disseminating lies. The case was initially reported to the Metro Jaya Police but is currently handled by the National Police (Polri) criminal investigation unit (Bareskrim).

41 victims of Jouska claim they lost Rp18 billion due to the alleged crime committed by the company CEO, who is sued to financially compensate 45 of his clients with a Rp64 billion fine.

He now faces multiple charges ranging from violations against the Law of Capital Market with a maximum 5-year imprisonment, Article 90 of Law No.8/1995 on capital market with a 10-year imprisonment and Rp15 billion fine.

The Jouska CEO is also facing charges under two Articles overseen under the Law on the Eradication of the Money Laundering Crime. 


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