File reports, schools affected by floods told
Published on: Wednesday, January 05, 2022
By: Mardinah Jikur
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Alamin looking at the damages of SMK Ulu Sapi.
TELUPID: The District Education Office, headmaster and principals are urged to compile a detailed report on any flood-related damage to school buildings or infrastructure.

Deputy Minister of Education II, Datuk Mohamad Alamin, said the report should be presented to the Education Ministry soon for action.

“This is critical so that learning sessions of flood-affected school pupils are not disrupted when school resumes,” he said.

“By looking at the current circumstances, we will also look at the necessity to postpone the reopening of the school session on Jan 9 for schools damaged by the floods and which are being used as temporary evacuation centres,” he added.

On Monday, he paid a visit to SMK Ulu Sapi, which had been damaged by the floods in the Telupid area.

Rains have flooded the school, which is situated near the river, since January 1. Since Monday, though, the water has begun receding.

This boarding school in the elementary school is located in the vicinity of SK Ulu Sapi.

Meanwhile, Mohamad also visited the proposed construction site of the new SMK Ulu Sapi which is located not far from SK Ulu Sapi.

According to the Principal of SMK Ulu Sapi, Jenuvi Yambi, the school has 425 Form One to Form Five students, 28 teachers and three members of the implementation group.

Mohamad also visited the flood victims from Kg. Ulu Sapi who sheltered at the Dewan SK Ulu Sapi.

For the flood victims from Kampung Ulu Sapi, involving 14 families comprising 70 victims, they were placed at the Temporary Evacuation Centre at SK Ulu Sapi which was also provided by the school.

Earlier, Mohamad also visited SK Kiabau.

However, due to the floods still not subsiding and the water level was quite high, he and others could access the area to the school and only managed to meet the Headmaster of SK Kiabau, Angeline Tatty who was also on the road and could not  pass through the road to the school. 

 SK Kiabau has 54 students, 13 pre-school students, 11 teachers and two members of the implementation team.

 Floods have been reported since January 1.

 Meanwhile, before visiting the flood evacuation centres and the schools affected by the floods, Mohamad also paid a working visit to the Telupid Tongod District Education Office to listen to a briefing on the flood situation involving schools in the Telupid and Tongod districts.

 Also present, Telupid Tongod District Education Officer, Barizah Kahar.

 Among others, Telupid district has 14 schools under the Beluran Parliament while Tongod district has 22 schools under the Kinabatangan Parliament.

 Of that number, Telupid district has three secondary schools while the district has two secondary schools and the rest are primary schools.

  A total of three schools were affected by the floods in the Telupid district, respectively in SK Buis, SK Kiabau and SMK Ulu Sapi which are also in the Sungai Labuk district.

 “I made this visit after receiving developments regarding the floods in the Telupid and several other districts in Sabah such as Pitas and Kota Marudu,” he said.

 He said many flood victims have been evacuated to schools which have been turned into temporary flood relief centres, while at the same time there are schools also affected by the floods. 

 “We understand next week the school session will resume. That is why we go down to see for ourselves the condition of these schools before the school session resumes, whether these schools are ready for operation or not,” he added. 

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