Another urgent call to neuter/spay pets
Published on: Saturday, January 15, 2022
By: Shirley Khong
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YOU should neuter/spay your pets soon after you get them unless you are a legal licensed breeder (and we certainly hope you are a proper responsible breeder and take proper responsible care of all your dogs and puppies).

We have heard so often the same old stories of how pet owners cannot afford the cost of neutering/spaying because they have too many. This is because the owner has left it until too late; until it became too many and too costly to neuter/spay. The cost would have been much lower had it all been done at the onset (ie the beginning)!

We all know that vets charge according to the weight of the pet and it usually averages out to about R300 for a dog and about RM200 for a cat and it can all add up quite dramatically and tremendously, especially when you have more than two pets to neuter/spay. 

As such it is always wise to have your pets neutered/spayed as soon as you get them so that u only pay the cost for say two pets (RM600) instead of four to eight (RM1,200-RM3,200) if not more, later!

Many of you may say that it is pitiful the dog cannot have at least one litter or the dog is male so it need not be neutered and besides why worry about him getting pregnant? 

If it were not for the male a female would not get pregnant and this applies to the human race too. And is it absolutely necessary for a female dog/cat to have a litter of pups/kittens before she is spayed. 

Whose wish is that – the owner or did the female dog/cat tell you… “let me have a litter please, before you spay me so I can experience motherhood and I will let you dump my babies somewhere later when you can’t cope with the costs etc!”

Pay the cost one time, when it is still low and affordable and not wait till the numbers have multiplied!

We know of a family who refused to spay and they now have 19 dogs! They find it difficult to rehome them and cannot afford to have all 19 neutered/spayed. 

Fortunately, they are dog lovers and will not abandon them and do their utmost best to care for them! FYI, one of the females is currently pregnant too!

As such, Fair urges you, begs you, to neuter/spay your pet as soon as possible before the numbers multiply and you cannot cope and that’s when cruel things happen!

Neuter/spay – don’t delay!


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