City Hall to monitor strays in Luyang housing roads
Published on: Friday, January 21, 2022
By: Sidney Skinner
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This home-owner in Taman Fu Yen surrenders 5 of her 7 dogs to a member of the ACD team.
CITY HALL is monitoring the goings-on in Taman Southern and Taman Fu Yen to ensure that the housing roads in these Luyang neighbourhoods are kept free of strays.

A spokeswoman for the agency’s Health and Environment Department said its Animal Control Division (ACD) would endeavour to catch any dogs found wandering about unsupervised on these stretches.

He said ACD personnel had made multiple checks of the two neighbourhoods between November and January.

“No dogs have so far, been found in the common areas at either location,” she said.

“Nevertheless, we will continue to keep Taman Southern and Taman Fu Yen under surveillance.”

The spokeswoman reminded dog owners around the State Capital to ensure that their pets were kept within their compound. 

“The ACD team is authorised to catch any canines found roaming about by themselves. 

“Those wearing a tag will be impounded, with the owners given a grace period to claim them.

“These rate-payers will have to settle a compound before their dogs will be surrendered to them.”

City Hall’s action was prompted by complaints from two senior citizens about the presence of aggressive dogs in the public spaces around Taman Southern and Taman Fu Yen.

They said they dared not go for a walk on their housing roads for fear of being bitten or mauled. 

One was so afraid of this that he even thought twice about taking the garbage out to the bin at the side of his gate.

The other did not want to relive a previous experience, in which she was injured while trying to get away from a different pack of dogs.

To make matters worse, they said the canines in their neighbourhoods were not strays. 

Both rate-payers blamed the respective pet owners for not doing enough to keep their dogs in check. 

As a result, these canines had become a public nuisance.

They provided Hotline with the location of the homes in which the canines were being reared. This information was forwarded to City Hall.

The spokeswoman said the ACD had gone to Lorong Unta 11, in Taman Southern on three separate occasions: November 23, December 8 and on January 4.

“During the first visit, our personnel found that the homeowner had two dogs both of which were unlicensed,” she said.

“A follow-up check was made on December 8 by which time the pair had since been registered with us.”

She said the pet-owner was briefed, in these instances, on the guidelines concerning the rearing of canines which were stipulated in City Hall’s Registration and Control of Dogs Bylaws 163 (Amendment 2008).

“She was asked to exercise better control over her dogs so that they did not become trouble to her neighbours.

The spokeswoman said, on the second check, ACD staff spotted a hole in the boundary fence between the home and the vacant lot next door.

“The rate-payer was asked to mend her fence and take steps to prevent her pets from escaping from her yard.

Notices were given to her during both inspections, according to the spokeswoman.

“When our staff returned on January 4, we found that the hole in the fence had been blocked so the canines could no longer squeeze through anymore.

“At the time of the inspection, both dogs were spotted inside her yard.”

Meanwhile, three inspections had been made of the home on Lorong Angsa 2, in Taman Fu Yen.

“Our ACD team counted seven dogs inside the compound during the first on December 13.”

“No one was home at the time but our staff managed to find out where the pet owner was working and met her personally the next day.”

They informed the rate-payer that she could only rear two dogs at any one time and that she would have to obtain licences for her pets, according to the spokeswoman.

She said a preliminary check revealed that none of her canines were registered.

A flyer on City Hall’s requirements concerning the rearing of canines was given to the individual, according to her.

The spokeswoman said a follow-up inspection was made on January 4, during which time the ACD noted that there were still as many dogs inside her compound. 

“The pet-owner personally apologised for not being able to fulfil our requirements. 

“We were made to understand that she had encountered some difficulties in giving away her canines.”

Three days later, the individual surrendered five of her pets to City Hall so that the agency could have them adopted.

“She also assured our staff at the time that she would personally go to our office in Centre Point to register the two dogs in her keeping.”

The spokeswoman said the pet-owner would be given a grace period in which to comply with the guidelines set out in the agency’s By Law.

“Should she fail to obtain licences for her pets after this, then further action will be taken against her,” she said. (SS)


The dog owner had blocked the hole (in circle) in her perimeter fence so her pets could not escape from the compound.

The dogs periodically run after passers-by on Lorong Unta 11 and soil the verges along the housing road.

The dogs have behaved aggressively to pedestrians and motorists who use Lorong Angsa 2.

City Hall is in the process of finding homes for the dogs which were released into the agency’s care.

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