Store-y Market: Get inspired by the unique stories of local businesses
Published on: Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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KOTA KINABALU: Hair Architect presents Store-y Market, taking place at Riverson, The Walk from May 12-15, featuring a wide range of vendors with like-minded interests in the business.

There is a story behind every person, every company and every business plan, and that is why Store-y market is curating individual stories from each participating vendor to highlight their tales.

Understanding the "why" of a company is what ultimately sets them apart from the others, not only in building credibility and trust but also in engaging its audience through its unique and compelling journeys.

The purpose of Store-y is to drive meaningful conversations and build a united community that inspires one another through that forged connection.

In celebration of the Harvest Festival, Store-y, Chapter Two focuses on the beginning of each company. Connecting the “why” of the company to the “place” it was born, Sabah.

The event will be officiated by Luyang assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe and Kadamaian assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick, at The Walk, Riverson, at 3pm, this Saturday (May 14).

Store-y also presents the children of Stairway to Hope, an alternative school for school-age, underprivileged children who do not have the chance to attend proper schools in Malaysia due to the lack of documents needed to apply for a student visa from the Immigration Department.

“We want to focus on making a positive difference by inviting all ages to be a part of the Store-y community and encourage entrepreneurship,” said the organisers.

“Join us in allowing a chance for the youths to gain entrepreneurial confidence by supporting the children of Stairway To Hope this weekend at the market event, where they will be creating selling and handicrafts.”

In conjunction with the market, Mardiana Azis from Batik Camara will be hosting creative workshops all day during the four-day event.

These workshops allow visitors to experience a form of art therapy through creating Bornean inspired Batik.

“This business aims to share and promote the beauty of art therapy, how it can calm our minds especially for children living on the spectrum, for them to find peace and hopefully unleash their creativity through batik painting.”

Hair Architect was founded by two Sabahan women who believe that start-ups and small companies have the potential to survive and thrive amid the economic gloom of Covid-19.

However, they did not let this uncertainty discourage them but instead drive them toward their goals.

Although consumer habits have significantly shifted in this pandemic, a fresh perspective and innovative ideas will help mould the new norm.

“Adaptability is the key to success. What first started as a simple hair company has broken through industry barriers and is now an organising company of Store-y.

“Being a company that was started by Malaysians for Malaysians, we want to invest in future local start-ups and companies by creating a platform for everyone to pursue their dreams because productivity ultimately determines economic growth,” they said.


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