HABIB at Suria Sabah offers modern sophisticated designs at unbelievable prices
Published on: Thursday, May 12, 2022
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Kota Kinabalu: Raya is still being celebrated across the nation and many will be busy with Raya open houses. Jewellery being one of the most sought-after necessities during Raya especially for the ladies, HABIB continues with its Syawal special campaign across the nation.

For supportive customers in Sabah, HABIB’s showroom located at the Suria Sabah Shopping Mall is a must-go shopping outlet. The Suria Sabah showroom offers a wide range of jewellery collections from gold, diamonds, gemstones and silver palladium for the men, as well as gold bars and gold wafers at competitive prices. 

The most popular exclusive Oro Italia 916 gold, which is only available at HABIB, carries a wide range of the latest designs, not only modern and contemporary. Specially designed for this Hari Raya campaign, the Oro Italia from the Amore, Grafetta and Grande line comes in rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings (pictured below). And for this year, a special collection of Oro Italia for children is being introduced to match their moms. 

Gold jewellery is not only a great investment choice but as an adornment, it is definitely the best bet for this coming Hari Raya when many want to look good and feel good on this special occasion. Wives are getting full support from their husbands when shopping for jewellery these days.

A wide range of exclusive diamond jewellery collections of long chains to suit the traditional baju kurung comes in matching bracelets and rings. The exclusive line of floral brooches inspired by the beautiful Malaysian tropical flowers are set in high-quality diamonds set in multiple coloured gold; white, rose and yellow gold. Broad bangles and cocktail rings are among the popular demands during this festive season which come in not only diamonds but also different coloured gemstones.

Fans of precious gemstones and multi-coloured stones will be spoilt for choices with the incredible spread of the coloured gemstones collections offered this Hari Raya at prices that are irresistible. From the blue, pink, yellow sapphires to rubies, emeralds, amethysts, topazs and citrine that come in matching sets 

Not forgetting, the men’s collection rings and 'butang baju melayu' (pictured below) made in silver palladium, embedded with diamonds and gemstones are other popular choices.  

This year, HABIB released a limited edition Kampung House collection of gold wafer coins in 999 gold. The gold wafer coins come in 5 exclusive rumah kampung designs, in bright coloured songket-designed sleeves. 

1. Rumah Perabung Lima: The Perabung Lima kampung house is found in the state of Kelantan. The word “Lima”, meaning five, originated from its style of roof that resembles a five-sided pyramid.

2. Rumah Kutai: The Rumah Kutai is carved with decorative elements on the awning, door and other parts of the house. 

3. Rumah Minangkabau: Legendary for its unique curved roof design, it is Negeri Sembilan’s pride. 

4. Rumah Tradisional Melaka: Famous for its iconic ‘tangga batu’, covered with stunning colourful tiles of flora and fauna motifs. 

5. Rumah Serambi (pictured below): A traditional Malay house decorated with fine carvings of ‘bunga kerawang’.

These coins can be purchased individually at RM118 per piece or a set of five that comes in a beautiful display that emulates a wooden wall at RM590. To make this Raya a special one, these gold wafer coins will be a stylish option of giving duit raya. It is also a great way to instill interest in gold investment and to expose the younger generation to history and culture. 

For further information, do visit our website at www.habibjewels.com or follow us on our social media @habibjewelsofficial on Instagram and Facebook @HABIB.



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