City Hall is cracking down on errant drivers in Kota Kinabalu
Published on: Tuesday, June 21, 2022
By: Sidney Skinner
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City Hall staff taking down the details of a van which is double-parked on this main road in the Sinsuran area.
City Hall is cracking down on motorists who leave their vehicles haphazardly in and around the traffic light intersection, beside a five-star hotel in Sinsuran, with a total of 12 drivers penalised for parking misdemeanours recently in this part of the State Capital.

A spokesman for the agency said its Enforcement Officers patrolled Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, Jalan Sinsuran and Jalan Kamunta on three separate occasions over the past two months.

“A total of 7 compounds were issued during the first inspection on May 18, with another 5 on June 1,” he said.

“None were issued on May 23, most likely because the presence of our personnel dissuaded motorists from occupying those sections of the road where there were no parking lines.” 

When asked how much City Hall collected in compounds from these inspections, he declined to comment.

Under the agency’s Provision of Parking Places By-laws (Coupon Parking) 2014, those who leave their vehicles in undesignated parking spaces could be liable to a compound of up to RM500, according to him.

Drivers do not dare park along this section of Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens if there are Enforcement Officers, like this one, on hand.

“Motorists can be deemed to have parked illegally, if there is no demarcation painted on either side of the road surface occupied by their vehicles.

“This is regardless of whether their automobiles obstruct the flow of traffic in the area. 

He said repeat offenders and those who failed to settle their compounds could be taken to court.

If they are found guilty they risk being slapped with a RM20,000 fine, serving a 12 month jail term or both, according to the spokesman.

“Our personnel will keep an eye on in this part of Sinsuran, from time to time, for the benefit of the hundreds of drivers who use the traffic light intersection daily to exit the City.”

This is the second time this year that City Hall has put the roads around the hotel under scrutiny. 

Enforcement Officers made several checks in March, compounding eight motorists for illegal parking.

JOSIAH of Luyang bemoaned the difficulty he experienced in turning left at the traffic light intersection, near the hotel, when he left his workplace in Sinsuran for the day at 5.30pm.

“Inconsiderate motorists always park in the lane closer to the hotel,” he said. 

“I suspect that they either go to the UNHCR handicraft market or the food stalls nearby which begin operating from the evening time.”

On several occasions, he had horned at drivers who were sitting in their stationary vehicles near the traffic lights.

“Some just looked up but refused to move their vehicles, while others horned back or glared angrily at me.

“They seemed to think it was their right to do as they please eventhough their actions were inconveniencing other road-users.”

Josiah these drivers contributed to the bad jam which formed on Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens during the peak hours after offices closed for the day.

“The congestion causes the traffic to bank up all the way from the hotel to Wisma Merdeka and Wisma Sabah.”

He hoped the local authorities, including the Police Department and City Hall, would consider having their officers monitor the roads around the hotel from 5pm onwards to discourage drivers from haphazardly leaving their vehicles before the intersection.

City Hall is also keeping an eye on a Likas neighbourhood, after receiving complaints from two rate-payers last month about the traffic woes created by those who parked illegally along the housing roads there. 

The spokesman said a check was made of the housing area in the third week of May.

He said the Enforcement Officer, who did this, noted that there were no parking demarcations along any of the roads in the neighbourhood.

“Despite acknowledging the presence of vehicles which had left on some of the verges here, this personnel found that none of them were a traffic-obstruction,” he said.

“He did, however, take down the particulars of four of cars which appeared to have been abandoned on some the roads here.”

RAYA, who lives in Ujana Kingfisher, said drivers created a danger to the residents and pedestrians by parking their vehicles on the stretches around the neighbourhood.

She said the dual carriageway had become a single lane as a result of their actions.

“Drivers who swerve around these cars, risk colliding with oncoming traffic, she said.

“They also risk having their vehicles hit from behind as they slow down to go round these obstructions.”

Raya hoped the relevant authority would intervene to minimise the likelihood of pedestrians being run down or accidents taking place on the housing road.  

“I have been contacting City Hall on and off about this problem for some time.

“An officer came down once and, for a brief period afterwards, no one dared to park along the stretch.

“Now, however, the incidence of illegal parking has become worse”.

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