Social granaries to mitigate impacts in disaster prone region
Published on: Saturday, August 13, 2022
By: Antara News
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WEST KALIMANTAN: The Social Affairs Ministry will establish social granaries at four locations in Kapuas Hulu district, West Kalimantan province, to help mitigate the impacts of natural disasters in the area.

“In accordance with the directives of the Social Affairs Minister, we will establish social granaries in disaster-prone areas in Kapuas Hulu district,” director of social protection for natural disaster victims at the ministry, Iyan Kusmadiana, said.

The social granaries will store different types of assistance, such as ready-to-eat food, blankets, and other emergency needs, to fulfill the needs of the victims, he informed.

The determination of the locations for the social granaries has been coordinated with the local government so that the assistance can be promptly disbursed when a disaster occurs, he added.

“We received reports from the local government that there was a flood and there were casualties, thus we took quick steps (to establish social granaries),” he said.

Meanwhile, the head of Kapuas Hulu district, Fransiskus Diaan, said that the social granaries would be built in selected sub-districts. Later, the aid stored in the facilities will be used to cover the needs of victims in surrounding sub-districts.

For instance, the social granary in Hulu Gurung sub-district will also cover residents of Mentebah, Pengkadan, and Boyan Tanjung sub-districts.

Meanwhile, the granary in Semitau sub-district will also be used to assist communities in Silat Hulu, Silat Hilir, Seberuang, and Suhaid sub-districts.  –Antara

The aid stored in the social granary in Jongkong sub-district will also help mitigate the impact of disasters in Bunut Hilir, Bunut Hulu, and Selimbau sub-districts.

Furthermore, the facility will also be extended to Badau sub-district to fulfill the needs of victims in Puring Kencana, Empanang, Batang Lupar, and Embaloh Hulu sub-districts.

“As for the Putussibau area and the several surrounding sub-districts, the Kapuas Hulu District Social Office will serve as their social granary,” the district head informed.

He noted that since Kapuas Hulu district has a vast area, which is divided into 23 sub-districts, the establishment of a number of social granaries will facilitate the distribution of assistance.

“We appreciate and are grateful for the attention of the central government (to our community),” he added.

Kapuas Hulu district experienced severe flooding between August 5, 2022, and August 7, which left homes inundated in a number of sub-districts and claimed two lives.

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