More leave for civil servants, this time for community service
Published on: Thursday, September 22, 2022
By: FMT, K Parkaran
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Government staff can have five days off to be volunteers at community bodies.
PETALING JAYA: Civil servants have been given another five days of unrecorded leave a year to do community service with registered and recognised organisations.

In a circular issued on Tuesday, public services department (JPA) director-general Shafiq Abdullah said this was to encourage civil servants to perform “any kind of domestic community service”.

Currently, the categories of unrecorded leave for government employees include three days for the death of family members including parents-in-law, 90 days maternity leave, seven days paternity leave, and 15 days for teachers.

In addition, they are entitled to annual leave of between 20 and 30 days, depending on their job category and years of service.

Shafiq said those eligible must be involved in voluntary community service which benefits the society and nation.

“Legitimate organisations means those registered under the Societies Act or other bodies legally registered under other laws. Also included are foundations set up under the Trustees (Incorporation) or the Companies Act 2016.

“These five days will exclude weekends, public holidays or other days off. If the activity involves less than four hours, they are allowed to take time off as allowed under the government’s General Orders,” he said.

He said an application for community service leave must be backed by a letter from the organisation, giving details of the activity involved, and approved by the department head.

“All government employees whether permanent, temporary or on contract are eligible for this leave,” he said.

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