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Preserved pork delicacy
Published on: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sipitang: A hundred years ago Sabah's ancestors came up with a simple dish made of fish, meat and vegetables which has grown to be a local delicacy over the years.

What is interesting about it, is that this traditional dish has its similarity to other traditional dish found in several community in this State.

The Dusun community named this dish 'Bosou', the Lundayeh calls it 'Tolu' while the Murut refer to it as 'Tamba' and in Bahasa it is known as 'Jeruk'.

Those who are new to this dish would find the smell quite unpleasant.

To prepare this dish, fish or raw meat needs to be cleaned before it is marinated with salt and rice.

The Dusun community has been quite creative by adding vegetables or fruits such as pineapple or banana into the dish.

To preserve the dish, they use a fruit called 'pangi' into its ingredient.

The dish is usually kept in a plastic or glass container and left for several weeks before it can be served.

It is a popular dish priced between RM12 and RM15.

A villager from Kg Long Pasia, Pengiran Balang, 56, from the Lundayeh community said the dish which has fish or wild boar meat in its ingredient is among the most popular among the community.

A Murut Tagal man, Korom Kiri, 57, said the dish is usually served during wedding ceremonies.

The younger generation however prefers to heat up the dish or mix it with ginger or garlic before serving it, but what is sure is that the dish will be a local delicacy for generations to come.