Why arrest poor crew but not bosses?
Published on: Saturday, February 04, 2017

By Private Eye
THE tragic Catamaran that left one of the illegal jetties in Tg Aru with a load of China tourists refers.

The first thing that must be checked: Life vests on board don’t last mandatory minimum time period to enable effective search and rescue. Out of 10 life vests 3 are defective which will guarantee drowning within 24 hours.

Why was there no communication working onboard to relay a Mayday distress call.

Was GPS also not working at all? Did Juragon and helmsman onboard obtain a valid COC (Certificate of Competence) from Jabatan Laut Sabah?

Did Jabatan Laut Sabah do a check on the catamaran for sea worthiness.

Where was the APPM patrol RHIB (Rubber Hull Inflatable Boat) which does mandatory patrol of the said area.

Did they ponteng tugas (play truant) because of long public holiday? RHIBS from APMM KK are famous for going out on patrol from Sepanggar and a little while later berth at Jesselton Point where all will disembark and go take their wives marketing, lepak at coffeeshops, do everything but ronda kawasan.

Laksamana Adam boss APMM KK should know this too well.

Were the big bosses also on long leave so that the mice can play.

How come an Indonesian fishing boat was rescuing survivors and doing the work of APMM, Marine Police and Navy? I suppose nobody will thank these indon fishermen for their gallant efforts.

Why is the Tourism Board unable to spot check on VIP licence holders who outsource all their services and hardly know what’s going on and just relax and collect money.

Why arrest only the crew and not the VIP bosses? Investigate corrupt practices within Tourism Sabah as regards the issuing of licences.

Private Eye

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