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What we see is what we get
Published on: Sunday, May 28, 2017

By Datuk John Lo
THE nearer to general election, the worse it is becoming.

I mean the unhealthy political rhetoric that many political leaders and aspiring candidates in West Malaysia of the ruling and opposition parties are resorting to gain supporters. These political leaders have “lost their marbles”.

They want to get chosen to be candidates and/or to get re-elected at any cost. They have no qualm in using religion, race, malicious sex slanders and making stupid statements against women.

Malaysia has an unprecedented number of politicians who are better educated, better exposed to good and bad politics in the world. What has gone wrong with the Malaysian political system that has produced so many empty heads and foul, loud mouths? Better education is supposed to produce better leaders.

There is something that is seriously wrong in our education system which seems devoid of morality and ethics.

Looks like the money poured into education has produced these undesirable political leaders.

Such money has been wasted.

Sabah is lucky that Datuk Musa has repeatedly said that he is the Chief Minister for all Sabahans.

And he is living up to it too. As far as I can see, there is not even one political leader in West Malaysia who have spoken publicly and practised what Musa has done. The West Malaysian political leaders have chosen to lower themselves down to the narrow tunnel of race and religion. Sabahans must be on guard not to fall into this political labyrinth so that our peace and harmony for which Sabah is famous, can be zealously safe-guarded.

We want to pass this precious Sabahan virtue to our future generations.

Blatantly clear is that unscrupulous and immoral political leaders in West Malaysia have been and are still using religion, race to gain support and control the minds of the people. They may succeed to a little extend.

By and large, most Malaysians, especially Sabahans, will reject such divisive tactics.

I want to urge these West Malaysian politicians to follow the Sabahan example of acceptance, more than that, our example of respect, love for each other and promote the celebration of racial and religious diversities.

Sabahans are not scared of seeing a cross, a mosque, Chinese temple or any religious symbol.

We have religious buildings side by side. Nobody is worried about being influenced away from their faith.

Religious party or those who use religion for political gain will not be able to gain a foothold in our truly multi-racial and religious Sabah. Long may this last.

Looking at the political and economic issues in the ongoing British election and what is happening in West Malaysia, our political leaders are immature child play.

The British politicians are so focused in competing on offering a better deal to the voters.

Ours is akin to a clown show in a circus. The top leadership of all political parties must accept blame as they have allowed their political lackeys to give us this cheapie entertainment.

As a Malaysian, I urge them to take us, the voters, with more respect. We don’t like the political rubbish they are heaping on us. Stop it lah! We want solutions to our daily “bread and butter” problems.

Talk sense on some of the issues hereunder.

Be nation builders: Worthy politicians are nation builders. They act as bridges to connect people of diverse races and religions, of different economic status. They have a mission to unite all Malaysians into one united happy family, a nation which all Malaysians can be justifiably proud of. Bad politicians can easily be recognised in their “wolf clothing” because they do exactly the opposite. They practise “destroy and rule”, exaggerate our differences, create fear and distrust.

Their only aim is to destroy our peace and harmony and thus, becoming destructive agents of the nation.

They want to destroy the precious gift that has been handed down by our founding fathers Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Ismail, Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tun Mustapha, Tun Fuad Stephens.

To those who have been using religion and race for their selfish ends, I say to them, repent and be nation builders before you destroy our country and the precious legacy gifted down by our founding fathers.

These politicians have become toxic to our national life. They have become the problems.

They should realise it is much more difficult to be nation builders for this demands self-sacrifice, vision and virtuous political leadership, no corruption and self-interest. A nation can easily be destroyed overnight by people with selfish and evil intentions.

Sabahans are wiser than West Malaysians for we can differentiate nation builders from nation destroyers.

West Malaysians, in spite of being more advance than us in many ways, are very far behind us in this respect.

I may even say their maturity is questionable They have allowed bad politicians to hook-wink them into a sense of insecurity or may be even some degree of inferior complex. Such politicians have been telling and/or objecting others from doing their own things with the excuse that they might be influenced or tempted into doing this and that. At the flimsiest excuse, these politicians can raise objections on religious or racial issues.

Coarse and Thuggish Behaviour: Their immaturity has been exhibited in all sort of crude manners, the latest of which is the slapping incidence in the presence of PM. Such coarse behavior is inexcusable as in the first place, that person has insulted the PM.

You simply don’t misbehave in the presence of the PM. No such behavior can/should be tolerated in the civilised world. Only in Malaysia and of late, such a person can be turned into a celebrity/hero.

The Shrinking Ringgit in Our Pocket: implementation have widespread economic impacts on the middle and lower income groups.

The subsequent inflation has been poorly managed resulting in a major shrinkage of the Ringgit in our pocket.

This is hurting big time. No political leader from both sides of the political fence has bothered to address this issue or offer solutions. No point in giving our votes to candidates in the next GE if they are useless and cannot solve our most basic economic headache.

Declining Standard of Education: This is one of the most worrying concerns among parents. The rich parents can afford to send their kids to foreign countries. Middle class parents are fighting with, tightening their belts, the diminishing Ringgit against major currencies. The poor parents have no option except to pray for divine intervention for their children.

Compounding this is low salary for graduates and big number of unemployed and some unemployable graduates, most of whom are from local universities.

Voters’ Economic Future: While the politicians are busy playing clowns, we the voters are deep in mud with worry on how we can afford retirement, what sort of future our children will have. Many have little confidence or cannot see the future with some degree of certainties.

Many young Malaysians, even some bumiputras, cannot see a good future and have joined the brain-drain.

For their sake, the politicians in West Malaysian must change.

Economic Restructure of Malaysian Economy: The digital age is coming onto us fast with fury. Countries like Malaysia which have been couch potatoes will suffer the consequences with relegation to 3rd world. We have been frighteningly slow.

Cyber Jaya is more than 20 years old – where are the results?

Many politicians still cling onto oil and gas to bring back the “golden days”. It is not going to happen anytime soon as electrification and other kinds of non-fossil fuel are fast becoming a reality. It is estimated that majority of cars will be non-fossil fuel by 2030. Sabah is doing the right thing by pushing for value add oil and gas manufacturing. Economic Competitiveness:

Any economist worth 2 cents will tell us that massive subsidies and favoritism in the economy is not sustainable.

These must stop or there will be grave consequences in the future.

The key to our economic future is for these to be weaned off. Government assistance must be given to selected target groups who truly deserve it.

The country can no longer play “Santa Claus” to all and sundry especially to those with political connections whose greed is unlimited.

Politicians must tell the voters how they can stop this.

Take it from me. These politicians can serve the voters and nation better if they can emulate the examples of Najib’s transformation programme and Musa’s Vision for Sabah by having their own vision for their respective constituencies in the context of the visions of the two top political leaders in the country.

I won’t be surprised if anyone of them has such a vision. Stop talking garbage and produce such a plan.

I cannot imagine what will become of Malaysia if Parliament is to be dominated by the same bunch after GE14.

The political parties must now commit to the voters that their candidates will be of better quality.

It does not take an economic genius to conclude that many of the current crop of politicians have not measured up to expectation. If they are re-elected, we will be in worse economic trouble. Playing the race card or religious angle is not the way to achieve economic greatness for our people. Worst will befall us if the top political leadership in West Malaysia is keeping quiet on the coarse, uncivilized behavior of their supporters.

To them, I extend an invitation for them to learn from our Sabah’s political leaders and political culture.

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