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Cannon ball of Minister lands in BN compound
Published on: Sunday, June 18, 2017

By C.P. Kui
THE recent spat between Federal Tourism and Culture Minister Dato Nazri Aziz and the Sarawak Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah over the Tourism tax revealed just how little Nazri knows about Sabah and Sarawak.

Mind you we are talking about a Federal Minister who has been in the Cabinet far longer than my grandfather’s clock which stood the test of time!

Here are two classic examples:-

1) The name of the Sarawak Tourism Minister is Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah. It is not Karim Bujang.

Just listen to the Malaysiakini TV interview. Nazri was belittling the Sarawak Tourism Minister and twice he mentioned that this Karim Bujang is a new Minister who is behaving like a gangster.

I had to replay that interview. Karim Bujang? Really? Nazri could not even get the name of the Sarawak Minister correct and you are talking about a Minister who has the same portfolio as yourself but at State level bah.

Either Nazri does not know who he is talking about or he does not know the difference between Sarawak and Sabah. Karim Bujang and Abdul Karim Rahman.

2) According to Nazri, Miri has one (Satu) hotel only. He must be in La La land. When I first visited Miri in 1978, there existed one high rise Hotel. It was called Park Hotel. It had a great Chinese restaurant.

There are a lot of things Nazri says from time to time with a total disregard for the feelings of others.

I have heard of loose cannons and loud mouths but this is one guy whose mouth is so loud, his very sneeze will bring more rainfall to our country than the year end Easterly winds.

Aside from insulting Datuk Rahman Dahlan, another Sabahan Minister who was also speaking up for Sabah.

Nazri has also in the past lambasted both the Presidents of the MCA and MIC, who are BN component members.

The funny thing is, Nazri gets away with such behaviour. He exhibits contempt and disdain towards others.

He seems uncontrollable and does not even take into consideration the untold damage he is doing to Umno, the Prime Minister and the BN.

With friends like this, nobody needs enemies.

C.P. Kui

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