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Just can’t keep quiet
Published on: Saturday, July 08, 2017

By Disgusted
WHEN will we Chinese in Sabah ever learn about decorum?

They don’t know how to shut up when the guest of honour is speaking at an important function.

The farewell for outgoing Consul-General of China organised by Ma Zhong Friendship Association Sabah was worse than a fish market. The endless chattering right through the welcoming address by the Association President did not stop even when the Consul-General was invited to deliver her speech.

It was shocking behaviour, uncultured, insolent and so embarrassing, as if there was another party going on in the same room. Some of the chatterers were so-called community leaders who should have set a good example.

We truly felt sorry for the guest of honour. No attempt was also made by the organisers to quell the noise-makers. By right, the Master of Ceremonies should have acted then and there to ask them to shut up.

The Consul-General said she is going to bring home friendship and good memories of Sabah and her people.

But we are sure she will never forget the “cacophony” that night when she was giving her farewell speech.

Perhaps the Chinese community should learn from overseas Rotary Clubs where Rotarians keep the audience silent in conferences and public functions by holding “Keep Silent” or “Silence” signages when the keynote speaker or guest of honour is speaking.


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