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Teach young to respect,be responsible
Published on: Sunday, July 16, 2017

IN this digital age, values and beha­viour seem to be on the decline among young people.

Their young parents are too busy with their own careers and even at the dinner table, the familiar sight is everyone’s eyes are on their individual smart phones. There is no respect for one another’s company.

They may be successful but their gestures will not be acceptable to any onlooker.

In the true sense of education, there is definitely a flaw in the system as there is always emphasis from day one in school on how to respect individuals and adults. The children know all these in the academic sense but in the context of everyday life they do not practise what they know.

Thus, there is a big gap between knowledge and how to demonstrate it explicitly.

Knowing it does not mean that the child knows how to demonstrate if there is no practical example about it.

This simple example illustrates a good approach to include practical’s in all studies. Thus, the first “R” is Respect.

Yes, it is very true that respect has to be earned but in most cases deserving respectful people are ignored by these young subordinates for their self-interested goals when they take over the position.

Respect here means to respond in a way another person feels comfortable and not hurt.

The next “R” comes into play when it refers to all actions taken. This “R” is responsibility.

If everyone is responsible there will be no litter or pollution in the air and rivers.

Responsibility to communicate well either verbally or in written form will not breed anger.

Young folks, if you wish or thank another elder, the elder has also to respond to greet or thank you in return.

So, there is no loss in doing so!


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