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Sabah is doing it already
Published on: Sunday, August 20, 2017

By Wong Vui Yin
I read with interest the letter urging to build more libraries in rural areas.

We at Sabah State Library agree wholeheartedly that libraries are vital for the development of a nation in every aspect.

In fact, it is our mission to reach every corner of the state and we will continue to build our library network as long as we have the support of the State Government.

In terms of library services to rural areas, the Sabah State Library now has 74 village libraries throughout Sabah and 14 mobile libraries that reaches 160 service points in schools and villages.

The National Library has also set up 50 rural libraries throughout the state.

The State Library has also been providing access to thousands of electronic books in the Malay, English and Chinese languages that can be borrowed from anywhere in Sabah when there is Internet.

These books can be downloaded and read on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

I hope your readers are aware of our ebook collection and have started on this journey of reading or listening to online books.

Later this year we will be making available online newspapers in all three languages as well.

Wong Vui Yin Sabah State Library Director

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