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Not a Wisma Lelaki, please
Published on: Sunday, August 27, 2017

By Sad, KK
WE are puzzled and annoyed that Wisma Wanita, the symbol of Sabah women’s progress, may be allowing offices to operate there without considering women’s needs and aspirations.

If women-run firms or companies have no place there, then it is a failure on the part of the management as priority should be given to women, be they entrepreneurs, businesswomen or professionals or NGOs for that matter. Don’t turn Wisma Wanita into a Wisma Lelaki as it defeats the purpose.

We understand it was put up by the Sabah Women’s Advisory Council and Sabah Women’s Affairs Department with funding from the State Government, specifically for the use of women’s organisations at a relatively lower rate, understandably because NGOs are non-profit making.

We hope the Director of the Sabah Women’s Affairs Department will take a serious view of the matter and decide in the best interests of women. Maybe we need a leader who has women’s interests at heart.

Your staff Mary Chin has written about Chief Minister Datuk Musa’s vision for Wisma Wanita to be turned into a tourist attraction. He also suggested that Bumiputera craftswomen be brought to the building to showcase their weaving and looming skills as well as finished products. Many years have passed but we don’t see anything to this effect.

Perhaps we need a visionary and farsighted woman leader with economic sense, one who can transform the building into a tourist destination as envisioned by the CM.

Sad, KK

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