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Improving traffic flow in the city
Published on: Sunday, August 27, 2017

By Joshua Y C Kong
THE Works Ministry, Kuala Lumpur has submitted proposals to build 10 flyovers at four major roads in Kota Kinabalu under the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP), in addition to two flyovers currently under construction at Jalan Lintas. That was reported on April 23, 2015.

Works Minister Datuk Seri Haji Fadhillah Haji Yusuf said whether they would be approved is expected to be announced in June this year. Fadhillah said the Government has approved an allocation of RM262 million to upgrade two intersections along Jalan Lintas by building two flyovers at Jalan Kolam and Jalan Tuaran intersections. The scope of the project involves expanding the road to a dual three-lane carriageway that stretches 6.3 kilometres, he said.

Fadhillah said this project was part of the outer ring road project in Kota Kinabalu which would be implemented in phases as it incurred a huge cost of RM1.11 billion.

Now it is revealed that 4 more flyovers be constructed in the road towards 1Borneo to ease terrible congestion there.

It is to be realised that with the construction of such flyovers in Kota Kinabalu, lots of diversions of the traffic were necessary for the construction.

It is noticed that quite a few parties are involved in the construction of flyovers and diversions of traffic thereof.

Such diversions can cause a lot of problems especially exacerbation in the already heavy traffic congestion in those limited roads for the heavy traffic to move around.

Also such diversions must be properly signs posted and that the road users must know how to handle such diversions to get to the various destinations in the vicinity to avoid unnecessary delays and traffic accidents/incidents which can be very frustrating. We do not know who are really responsible for the planning and implementing of the diversions which must be beyond clarity and no confusion to avert any likely accidents.

Are the co-ordinations amongst various parties involved really being positive to avert any inconvenience/accidents and massive traffic congestion as a result of ill programmed in diversions?

Some new traffic signs can be misleading to the motorists resulting in possible accidents as drivers very much depend on accurate and valid sign to keep moving in the right momentum of traffic flows especially whatever congestions as a result of the construction in progress could be minimised especially in the few peak hours.

If we have 10 flyovers in 11th Malaysia Plan, then there will a few more new ones to be constructed.

Generally, I feel that the traffic signs around the diversion sites can be confusing until the motorists master the new design of the flows of the traffic to get to the appropriate destinations quickly. So there can be some improvement in the diversions quickly to expedite less congestion.

Take the Jalan Pintas now a very busy dual carriage as once it was quite quiet and little congestion.

Most traffic is avoiding the Lido carriageway to come to Jalan Pintas. So Jalan Pintas can be clogged at both ends namely the sole tunnel in KK end and the other end at the Jalan Pintas/Jalan Lintas traffic light junction.

Jalan Pintas is also the outlet for the very busy 88 Market place (88MP) and Austral Park (AP), and I suggest that it is worthwhile to open up an outlet at the entrance to 88 Marketplace so that traffic from 88MP and AP can turn right toward the tunnel rather than go all the way towards near Grand Millennium in Jalan Pintas on the way to Donggongon.

The other traffic from the tunnel to various housing estates in Kepayan and Taman Sri Kepayan can choose to move on to the “U turn only” at the traffic lights junction at Jalan Lintas which is still in progress of construction.

With a new opening to turn right at the outlet at 88marketplace, the flow of traffic would be improved.

Can the authorities also do some improvement to the round-about next to the tunnel and Queen Elizabeth Hospital to improve the flow of traffic (now congestion in many hours daily) as the several flyovers construction in Jalan Lintas can be a few years to go?

Would also appreciate if the authorities consult the local motorists/residents residing in the zones where flyover constructions are in progress even before the diversions in public hearing, rather than just accept the questioned diversions as we have witnessed of late?

Joshua Y C Kong

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