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Wives of the corrupt cannot claim to be innocent
Published on: Saturday, September 02, 2017

The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission’s move to haul up wives of those charged with corruption is a move in the right direction.

In most cases, wives know of their husbands’ shoddy dealings and remain silent, becoming an accomplice to the crime.

They know their husbands’ earnings, properties and assets.

A wife should inform the authorities if her husband is involved in corrupt practice.

It is sad that only now are we zooming in on the wives of corrupt officials.

Last year an Indonesian news report carried this headline, “Corruption: Minister Blames ‘Materialistic’ Wives”.

The Indonesian Religious Affairs Minister blamed materialistic and demanding wives for “pushing” their husbands to engage in corrupt practices.

Unsurprisingly, the Minister drew much flak and criticism over his remark.

Why does someone engage in corruption?

The answer is simple and is found in the lyrics of Swedish band Abba’s hit single – “Money! Money! Money!

Always sunny in a rich man’s world.”

The materialistic and hedonistic lifestyle of the present generation is the reason for corrupt officials to be on the take.

Temptation, personal greed and the misguided notion that money brings happiness has turned many to corruption.

They dream of lavish lifestyles for their families. Exotic overseas holidays and fat bank balances are the pinnacle of high class living.

They splurge on luxury cars, condominiums, mansions and branded goods and want their children to study with the rich and famous in established overseas universities.

And their wives can go on shopping sprees and shop till they drop.

Wives who are materialistic and greedy can drive their husbands to engage in corrupt practices.

Many corrupt officials are on the take so their families can have a better and luxurious life.

Families of corrupt officials especially their spouses know of their husband’s shoddy dealings but choose to keep silent because of the lucrative returns.

Family members are just as complicit in the crime as the husbands.


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