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Blank passports nothing new
Published on: Saturday, November 11, 2017

By Joshua Y C Kong
IT IS indeed a great reminder albeit too late after more than two decades that your popular Daily Express had a front page headline “Foreigners with ‘blank passports’” (Nov.5) as it was reported that the Immigration Department is aware of some foreign workers in the State having “blank passports” but do not consider it serious.

The actual number of employers involved is not known, said Sabah Immigration Department Director Musa Sulaiman.

How can the Immigration Department tell us they “do not consider it serious” with such criminal apathy when Sabah is already flooded with foreigners having Malaysian documents issued under “Project Mahathir” as heard in the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s Report on Illegal Immigrants, 2014.

I was earlier subpoenaed to appear in RCI IIS hearing but it was “aborted” after I had provided all the evidence in very voluminous documents on Project IC and illegal /dubious immigrants in Sabah to the officers working on that hearing. If I had attended the RCI hearing, I would have exposed the “blank passport”.

Coming back to the blank passports in the hands of illegals , I was given a copy of that with sight of the original copy about 20 years ago. (copy is attached with this letter).

So it is likely most of these people managed to secured project ICs to remain in Sabah and Malaysia to commit all sorts of crimes including murder and if true our former PM was behind the “project IC” then he cannot absolve himself of blame for the crimes committed by them.

It was revealed in earlier reports that even notorious Abu Sayyaf members like Commander Robot had MyKads and Esscom referred to their connections in Sabah as the enemy within.

Such project IC holders have infiltrated into important and crucial sectors like the various security and public services sectors dubbed as “Trojan horses”.

I also discovered a case where IC fraud had been committed by a public listed company and its director over a questionable documentation and a Police Report was lodged by me more than a decade ago.

Would Bursa Malaysia act on such cases and many other possible cases likely committed to betray our economy?

The lists of heinous crimes include terrorism (both exposed and unexposed- local and export), and many adverse developments had been identified in my book “EPIC of Sabah” in three editions and a major edition thereof to include RCI IIS has been delayed. Sabah is indeed sadly and unfortunately besieged by untold number of such people with hearts and attitudes elsewhere.

Despite many promises from the BN Government, nothing much in terms of action has emerged over the Report of RCI IIS since 3rd December, 2014 except some superfluous “action” committees defaulting on their objects.

RCI IIS was approved by the Prime Minister just within the threshold of the impending General Election 13 -2013 possibly to give some “false hope” then and now seen to be so as it is now after 3/4 years, nothing in term of real action of the Report of RCI IIS has been done.

So we are now in the threshold of the impending General Elections 14 in 2017/2018.

Are we to see some real meaning to the RCI IIS except some glaring crimes on Immigration and Identity Cards like this one on the “blank passport”?

We don’t want reactions from the Government sectors and the opposition alike over the “blank passports” but real action to resolve the crisis of identity due to excessive illegal people especially those Project IC holders.

I hope the legal fraternity would review all the laws to allow implementation thereof with true justice by the “independent” judiciary. Why was the judiciary involved in the issue of dubious birth certificates of foreigners and yet with impunity to the offence?

Would any incoming new or revised incumbent Government retained handle the Report of RCI IIS accordingly with appropriate action to put the records straight so akin to “drain the swamp of Putrajaya”?

Joshua Y C Kong

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