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Not end of the world for these students
Published on: Sunday, December 31, 2017

By Teacher

THE results for the PT3 (Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga) were announced on Dec 14.

PT3 is a holistic method of appraising the performance of students through continuous assessments by teachers who are solely responsible for the administration of examination papers, marking them and releasing the results on a specific date fixed by the Education Ministry.

I have noticed that when the results are announced in school, parents are usually more enthusiastic and nervous about the outcome than their children.

Some parents pray while the teachers distribute the examination slips and others cry when they realise their children are not listed in the “best students” category.

Disappointment is always clear on their face.

I do not blame them. As parents, they would have tried their level best to provide the best guidance and resources for their children to obtain good grades.

From my perspective as an educator, all I can say is that regardless of what your children scored in PT3, do not give up on or get disappointed with them.

Please continue your efforts as parents to provide the best guidance and motivation to your children.

Always remember that parents should be their children’s best friends and do bear in mind that the PT3 examination is not the end of your children’s life. It is just the beginning.

a single public examination will never decide your children’s future. To all students who sat for PT3 2017, I would like to advise you to keep calm and start focusing on what you want to do in future.

Go for courses that you will enjoy and would give you satisfaction. This is your life, and the choice in shaping your beautiful life is in your hands.

Do not let anyone decide your future for you. Only you know what you want and can do best in your life.


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