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Don’t allow events here if no control
Published on: Saturday, January 06, 2018

By Tanjung Aru Residents Who Have Had Enough

I am writing on behalf of Tanjung Aru residents to complain about the public events which are allowed to take place at the field in front of Air Asia’s old airport.

As per DBKK’s regulation, all outdoor music must terminate at midnight. During the last year, the organisers of these events have flagrantly ignored this regulation, and the loud, booming music continued well past the permitted time. The only recourse for people who suffered this noise pollution in nearby homes was to call the police in Tanjung Aru to forcibly stop the music and the shouts reverberating from their sound system.

Just last week, a rock band’s music played until almost two in the morning.

If DBKK and the police are not able to impose strict adherence by event organisers on the midnight rule, then I suggest these events be permitted elsewhere in a hall or other location whereby the residents of a particular area do not have to endure such a racket. In fact, being that the field is near to many homes, DBKK should not grant outdoor event permits at all unless they take place during the day. Any event that is allowed to use amplified music should take place in a hall where the sound can be contained. We hope that Daily Express will look into this matter as quickly as possible as upcoming events will occur and the disregard for Tanjung Aru residents will continue.

Tanjung Aru Residents Who Have Had Enough

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