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Fix the delivery system
Published on: Sunday, February 04, 2018

By Dayang Jambul

Sabahans are suffering from the poor service delivery system of the Federal and State administrations.

This is not about rights taken away by the Federal Government but about the inefficient and ineffective implementation of processes.

The delivery system is at the mercy of the civil servants whose lackadaisical attitude bring much suffering to Sabahans in carrying out their daily lives, and hinder the progress of the Rakyat.

The following are examples of how the poor service delivery system hamper the smooth running of the daily lives of Sabahans:-

1. Civil servants (both Federal and State) make an appointment for a member of the public to see him or her.

Then all of a sudden the officer takes emergency leave without nominating another officer to entertain the member of the public at the appointed time;

2. The Head of Department goes on leave but Officers No. 2, No. 3 or No. 4 are not authorised to proceed with the routine administration or business of the department.

Normally Heads of Department, especially those from Federal Departments, go for a day’s meeting in Kuala Lumpur and take the opportunity to visit his home town for two days, thus wasting three days.

The number two, number three and number four are not authorised to sign on behalf of number one.

3. Application for import permit, including agriculture. The Department authorised to issue the permit lays the condition that the Permit will be issued in 14 days from the date of application – why 14 days?

It should be just one day as long as there’s nothing against the laws or policies.

4. It is understood now that import permit for materials from overseas must go to Kuala Lumpur for approval.

It is reported that even Custom Declarations must be sent to Kuala Lumpur for approval.

Local Customs Director is not authorised to approve. Years ago Custom Declarations didn’t have to go to Kuala Lumpur. Why now?

5. Payment for contracts even as small as RM25,000 must also go to Kuala Lumpur for payment.

Many small contractors became bankrupt because of this system; the small time contractor will have to spend going to and fro for a week. Thus, out of the RM25,000 claim, RM10,000 is spent on airfare and expenses in Kuala Lumpur.

Of course there are many others. The irony is that the government leaders are preaching day and night that they wanted smooth and quick delivery system.

Can anyone help to go back to the 1980s which were Sabah’s best years under Berjaya.

Dayang Jambul

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