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Back up statements with facts, please
Published on: Sunday, February 04, 2018

By Annoyed Sabahan

Sabahan Rahman Dahlan, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department made a ludicrous statement, i.e “Those boycotting GE 14 are opposition supporters “ (DE 24/01).

Let me just ask this politician some questions and I pray he answers them.

1) How did you come to the conclusion that opposition supporters are boycotting GE 14?

Did they collectively tell you this ?

2) Bearing in mind that the Opposition won the popular vote at GE 13 which meant more people supported the Opposition then, how can you conclude that their supporters are boycotting GE 14 ? Have you reached out to this formidable force to conduct a survey or at least ask them if they are boycotting GE 14 ?

3) On what basis have you made this sweeping statement without so much as an iota of proof ?

Can you back up your claims with some kind of proof ?

4) Do you think it is fair to the public at large to treat us like idiots by saying something like that ?

Surely you must be aware that there is a concerted effort by the opposition to get as much as their supporters to come out in full force for GE 14. Unless you are blind, deaf and dumb, you will not be aware of this.

Perhaps you have been too long in Malaya and have been mixing with the wrong crowd to have jump to this conclusion ?

5) You may be part of an elite group in KL that has come to believe you can lead us by our noses and are gullible.

Let me ask you this – Just how do you know by looking at the man on the street whether he supports the Opposition or the BN ? Have you got special powers ? Are you a clairvoyant ?

Even Tan Sri Musa Aman who has been our longest serving CM and who has his nose to the ground, has not dared to make such a claim, preferring instead to tell the BN supporters to work harder as this is going to be a major election.

This is a politician who is hands on. You are a politician with hands. Don’t issue statements which you cannot back with facts, or proof !

Annoyed Sabahan

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