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The dangerous teachers in our midst
Published on: Sunday, February 04, 2018

By Heartbroken

THE case of 14-year-old Vasantha Piriya who decided to hang herself after writing a farewell note to her family members while insisting that she did not steal her teacher’s handphone should serve as a warning to our school authorities not to jump to conclusions when faced with a similar situation.

What the teachers did in confronting the poor student before her schoolmates and later confining her in a locked room for four hours was unacceptable. Her self-esteem was lost and she didn’t deserve to be detained in a “cell” when the item was nowhere in her possession. How come her parents did not look for her when she was “kidnapped” for four hours by the teacher/s is a mystery. But surely her mind was further tormented by thoughts that she should be at home but confined against her will.

The teacher/s must have come to the conclusion that she stole the handphone based on a wild accusation from a fellow student. To top it all, the teacher/s drove the poor girl home and confronted her parents about it.

We hear often of students being bullied to death by students, but there are teachers who also bully innocent students to death.

It would be terrible if the case is closed as suicide and the idiotic teacher/s allowed to go scot free.

They should be hauled to court, named and shamed for what they had done.


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