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Goodness of guava juice gone unnoticed
Published on: Sunday, April 04, 2010

WE are well aware that apples and oranges have beneficial effects on our health, if taken regularly.

With our modern day lifestyle, we tend to indulge in taking juices, instead of eating fruits.

While juices may not be 100pc substitutes, they do give consumers easy and ready access to products from all over the world.

When one compares oranges with apples or with any other fruits, one dominant constituent that usually stands out is Vitamins C.

Needless to say oranges contain far more Vitamin C than apples.

Some research show orange is more nutritious than many commonly consumed fruits, such as apples, grapes, pineapples and prunes.

On the other hand, if drunk on an empty stomach, orange juice can cause mild and temporary stomach upset.

Drinking or sipping orange juice can also cause erosion of tooth enamel.

The elderly must drink orange juice with care.

Apple juice contains more minerals such as phosphorus, iron, chlorine, silicon, potassium and calcium.

One research shows that apples and apple juice may be among the best foods that babies and senior citizens could add to their diet as apples also help boost brain function similar to medication.

One medical authority suggests that apple products are to be recommended along with the most popular Alzheimer's medications.

It is believed that apple juice can have a positive effect upon level of cholesterol because of high level of anti-oxidants present.

Also because of this factor, apple juice oxidizes quickly and changes colour and the freshness also goes off very quickly.

In old context, eating the fruit may be a better choice than taking its juice.

The old folks just have to watch out for their teeth or dentures.

Guava or guava drink is used in some countries as medicine, because it is very rich in Vitamins A, B, C potassium, fibres and iron.

Its Vitamin C far exceeds (5 times more) that of orange extracts, hence it treats coughs, colds and scurvy.

As for the fruit and mostly juices as well, there are arrays of benefits in treating high blood, high cholesterol and congestion in heart and lung.

One may also find these beneficial effects from one or another fruit or fruit juice but guava appears to have more to offer.

No wonder it has earned its name as multi-purpose healer.

Its prevention and treatment of dengue fever deserves special mention - it helps to keep the parasites out of the blood system, so that the number of blood platelets do not drop.

It also has unique properties, being rich in astringents, which binds loose bowels in diarrhoea, again being rich in fibre serving as excellent laxatives in constipation.

As for the tastes, it gives a mixed flavour of sweet pears and slightly sour taste of strawberries.

Actually, there's nothing to compare between apples and oranges or to compare one fruit or fruit juice with the other.

And the pink guava fruit or juice which I have just mentioned is no different.

All the positive qualities or characteristics are found in one, are also found in the other.

All claim to fight cancer, reduce high cholesterol, detoxify the human system, etc. But one has to take note, especially on juices, that vitamins and Vitamin C in particular, disappears quickly after packaging.

While it is evident people prefer one fruit or fruit juice more that the other is mostly due to individual's taste.

I personally feel that benefits of orange juice may be slightly over-blown.

There are a great variety of juices available with good taste and specific beneficial effects for our well-being. Guava juice is one of them.

It's is produced locally and Malaysia has even captured 15pc of the market share in competition with countries like India, Brazil and Mexico.

Hence pink guava juice is a great thirst quencher, far more effective than most of the other juices.

You also get this drink free on MAS.

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