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Thefts at Taman Putera Perdana Telipok
Published on: Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thefts at the Taman Putera Perdana, near Telipok, are becoming more rampant the past year.

In the latest incident, a houseowner was injured by three robbers with sharp objects.

As a result, residents of this Taman are living in fear.

They have made various efforts to protect themselves, including collecting money to employ Rela guards to patrol at night. Through Forum, we appeal for help from various quarters - the authorities concerned, the housing developer and the residents themselves to help make our Taman a safer place.

We suggest that:

- The developer/management switch on the lights from the main road junction to the Taman, including at the back of the houses at Phase 1B, as well as repair street lights that are no longer working.

These lights were on during the promotion period to sell the houses, but once the houses were occupied, the areas become dark.

Despite numerous complaints, no action was taken by the developer.

A dark housing estate would invite bad elements.

- A police base or guard post be erected due to the vastness of the housing area.

- The dusty road leading to Phase 2 (behind Phase 1B) has to be sealed or watered every now to prevent dust from getting into our houses which has been happening for the last two years.

We have complained to the developer but there was no response. As far as we know, every project has to take into consideration the environmental aspect but not in this case.

To the residents we suggest that they build stronger fences especially at the back of their houses, that they switch on the lights outside their houses at night, that they make an effort to get to know their neighbours, be wary of strangers and instal CCTV and alarms.

The above suggestions came about after a series of discussions among the residents.

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