Shame on you Sabah lawyers
Published on: Saturday, July 30, 2016
By: Martin Samuel Labo and one other

THIS letter is written out of desperation in dealing with Ting Sing Chuan of Messrs Ting Anuar & Co to return the excess monies of RM88,179.97, which was held by him since 10.4.2015, which rightfully belong to us, immediately.It all started when a trade creditor filed a civil suit against my company, Primal Lub Sdn Bhd, through Ting Sing Chuan of Messrs Ting Anuar& Company, for outstanding debts which the court awarded a Judgement Sum of RM401, 828.03.

The two directors, Marvin Martin and I, are father and son related.

In our effort to settle the company debts, we have disposed-off a shophouse belonging to the company and a detached house jointly owned by us. The proceeds from the sale of these properties was to satisfy the Judgement sum of RM401, 828.03 in full and other creditors as well.

Our nightmare started when the vendor lawyer, United Law Group, remitted a sum of RM290,000 under Garnishee Order from the sales of the detached house proceeds on 26.03.2015 and another RM230,071.22 from Messrs Sia, Mojilip & Nasir on 10.4.2015 from the sales proceeds from the company shophouse.

The total payments to Messrs Ting Anuar & Company was RM520,071.22. We are satisfied with the payments made by Messrs Sia, Mojilip & Nasir as they given us the details of the payments which include Messrs Ting Anuar & Company legal fees amounting to RM30,071.22.

However, we have problem to reconcile the payment of RM290,000.00 to them as efforts through our lawyer, Allied Law Group, requesting for details from Ting Sing Chuan remain unanswered until today.

When Ting Sing Chuan refused to communicated with our lawyers, Allied Law Group, we initiated a few recovery proceedings against him in the hope that we could recover our monies from him.

1. A letter requesting for payment details from my lawyer, Messrs Allied Law Group to United Law Group on 17.4.2015.

2. A letter requesting for payment detail from my lawyer, Messrs Allied Law Group to Messrs Ting Anuar & Company on 20.5.2015.

3. A Letter of Complaint was written to Sabah Law Association on 27.7.2015.

4. A Letter of Complaint was written to Advocates Inquiry Committees (DIC) on 30.7.2015.

5. A police report was lodged at Commercial Crime Department at Kota Kinabalu on 26.10.2015.

6. A few reminder letters to DIC dated 19.8.2015, 18.12.2015, 16.2.2016 and 18.7.2016.

7. A Letter of Complaint to the Right Honourable Chief Judge on 19.7.2016.

We are left in vain of help in such matter and exhausted all avenues to pressure Ting Sing Chuan to pay back our monies which we need badly to pay back commitments and for working capital during this economic downturn.

The only alternative is to file a Civil Suit against him and his legal firm which will incur unnecessary legal expenses.

Besides, we have approached a few lawyers in town but so far no lawyer is willing to take up the case for us probably beacause they are, all friends and have their own code of ethics.

Which made us feel that we are at the mercy of Sabah Lawyers who act as a cartel just because peninsula lawyers are unable to practise here without approval.

We pray that the publication of this letter could enhance our hope to resolve our predicament as we have welcome victims of Sabah lawyers.

I hope Chief Justice of Borneo Tan Sri Richard Malanjum also will know our predicament as we have written to him and the fact that even the Sabah Law Association (SLA) was of no help. Maybe its true they exist only for dinner and dance.

We know that the Daily Express has done wonders for the public as the State’s most respected newspaper and, hence, the intention to make our misery public knowledge in the hope that your newspaper can help us recover our RM88,197.97 in the event the Chief Justice also can’t.

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