Ningkan: Not attempt to secede
Published on: Friday, July 07, 1967

DAILY EXPRESS (Friday, July 7, 1967) - JESSELTION, July 6. —Dato Stephen Kalong Ningkan, President of the  Sarawak, National Party arrived here from Kuching today, together with eight of his party leaders. He said that his party would be here for a 4-day’s talks with Dato Donald Stephens and his Upko leaders in trying to find a basis for the formation of a East Malaysian United Front. 

Leaders of both the Snap and Upko have said that they would like to exchange views because they had basically the same problems. 

Stephen Kalong Ningkan told newsmen this morning that he was “surprised” that the Federal Minister of Lands and Mines, Haji Abdul Rahman bin Ya’akub had accused him of spreading “false political propaganda and of stirring up trouble.” 

Dato Ningkan said “I have never made an attempt to get the State of Sarawak to secede from Malaysia.” He added that he had often said Snap will not rejoin the “waning Sarawak Alliance as we know that we will gain nothing but lose everything.” 

Dato Kalong Ningkan said his party will fight the Sarawak Alliance in the coming elections which he hoped will be held before the middle of next year. 


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