Acting CP Plunkett retires
Published on: Friday, March 20, 1964

DAILY EXPRESS (Friday, March 20, 1964) - JESSELTON, Mar 19 - The Acting Commissioner of Police, Mr E.O. Plunkett accompanied by his wife “Lu” Plunkett leaves Sabah on Saturday on leave prior to retirement.

Sabah’s popularly known ‘Sporting Couple’, have every intention of returning to this “land of their hearts” where they have worked and actively participated in various sporting and social activities throughout their long stay.

The good wishes of the people of Sabah go with them in the hope that they will enjoy a pleasant leave and continued peace and happiness in their retirement on their return. 

“Chip” Plunkett, an all-round sportsman, has always been in the forefront of most sporting activities in Sabah, serving on various committees and in active participation since 1948 when he was Chairman of the Jesselton Sports Club sports-sub-committee besides being a members of the JSC Committee. 

In 1949 the JSC ran the hockey, cricket, tennis and rugby tournaments, and in those days “Chip” was a committee member of the JSC and continued to be one for a number of years. The Jesselton Sports Association which originated in 1936 was revived in 1946 to organise sports and games in Jesselton District. “Chip” served on this committee for a number of years. 


‘Chip’ Plunkett

In 1949 Mr. G.S. Kier, Secretary of the AAA moved that the AAA be formed and on this committee “Chip” served for many years. 

In 1950 the Hone Cup Games came into being and JSA took full responsibility for arrangements and running of the Games. 

“Chip” represented North Borneo on a number of occasions at cricket, tennis, hockey, rugger and football (Jesselton only). 

Before 1958 hockey was run by JSA but on a motion by Mr. Paul Spencer, Manager of BCL, Hockey Association was formed. 

“Chip” became Chairman of the Association and has been on the committee ever since. He represented Jesselton in the Turner Shield Hockey Tournament until 1961. 

Boxing had flourished in a small way since 1949 and was run by unofficial committees included among whom were Messrs. J.W. Walne, Joe Manjaji, Jeof Stephenson and ‘Chip’ himself. 

He later became Chairman of the West Coast Boxing Association and was solely responsible for organising and training boxers for the Turnbull Cup Boxing Tournament for many years. The Jesselton Rugby Club which was formed in 1935 also found “Chip” on the committee. 

In 1959 the club became the West Coast Rugby Union Association and “Chip” became Chairman and stayed on as chairman for a number of years. 1961 saw the North Borneo cricket Association was formed President of the Association was Dato Davidson and ‘Chip’ became Vice-President and later Committee member. 

“Chip” is also founder member of the Sabah Motor Club and Jesselton Golf Club. 

The AAA was formed in 1950 and “Chip” became Chairman of the AAA Championships committee and of the Borneo Games committee and has since been there off and on as committee member. 

On the field he has acted as referee, Judge etc., at many meetings – Jesselton and schools. The Jesselton Players also found. “Chip” active among them from the very beginning. Even the Turf Club had enjoyed a share of “Chip’s” role. The Gymkhana Club which originated in 1950, became in 1951 the North Borneo Turf Club. 

“Chip” was on the committee at that time under Mr. G. Chellte, In 1950 he was Secretary, Treasurer and handicapper and has twice served as Chairman. He has also had a “shot” at being steward, judge, starter and broadcaster through the ‘years. 

“Chip” is also a permanent member of the Police A.C. which deals with all Police sports. He played in the police First Eleven in league and competition matches. 

He also represented North Borneo in inter-colonial Rifle matches in the early days under the then Commissioner Mr, J.B. Atkinson. “Lu” Plunkett has also played her great part in sporting and social activities in Sabah by being a member of the entertainment committees of the JSA and AAA for many years. 

‘Lu’ Plunkett

She had been staged, set and costume designer for many of the Jesselton Players productions and took part in a number of plays. 

In the sporting field she has done more than her share representing Jessetton at the Hone Cup tennis from 1950-1959 and did not lose a match till 1958. 

She played in doubles matches partnered by men in all her Hone Cup competitions. 

She represented North Borneo for many years against Seria and Brunei with star players like Gordum Lum, Collin Wu, Bob Gay, Hemingway and Paul Mah. She won the first and only North Borneo Open Mixed Tournament. 


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