Stephens proposes standard Malaysian time
Published on: Monday, July 12, 1965

DAILY EXPRESS (Thursday, July 12, 1965) - JESSELTON, July 11 – All Malaysian States will soon observe Standard Malaysian time, it was indicated here this week.

Federal Minister for Sabah Affairs and Civil Defence, Dato Donald Stephens (pic) said one of the important subjects he discussed with the Sabah Cabinet was the proposal to introduce a standard time for all Malaysian states. 

Right now the Borneo Territories observe different times from those of Singapore and Malaya.

Dato Stephens said the State Cabinet had been receptive to the idea and he hoped in the near future a Malaysian standard time is likely to be introduced.

Dato Stephens could not say when this change will be effected.


He indicated agreement in principle had been obtained to adopt the standard time.

The proposal had been made sometime ago. During  his present visit, he had secured the agreement of the State Cabinet.

The move now is to do away with the present half an hour difference between the times in Malaya and the Borneo States.

Dato Stephens disclosed that the Sabah Cabinet which favoured the proposal, had however suggested that both parties give away 15 minutes instead of Sabah and Sarawak losing 30 minutes in the eventual shift over.

Details had yet to be worked out, said Dato Stephens but he expected the change to take place in the near future.

Dato Stephens was taking to newsmen before his departure to Kuala Lumpur after a five-day official visit.


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