Positive values produce national highs
Published on: Sunday, May 05, 2019
By: Datuk John Lo
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Tun M has made the perfect statement when giving his address in 1 Belt 1 Road summit in Beijing on 27 April 2019.

He is quoted as having said “No one should impose one single value system to the world but should strive to understand the different cultures and values.” All Malaysians should read this article as in the same context, his statement has deep pertinence to New Malaysia. This is what Malaysia needs in our multi religious and cultural country..


No world leader has made a statement like Tun M’s. Typical Tun M style – concise, succinct and straight, likes an arrow hitting the heart of the target. It reflects on the reality of a new world order that is emerging fast, in which the mono polar leadership of USA is fast fading, a new multipolar system with Russia, China with India slightly behind is fast emerging.

No matter how hard USA is trying to suppress the birth of this multipolar system, how hard it is trying to impose its will on other countries including its closest allies, it will fail due to many weaknesses of its own making. Trump’s erratic, unbecoming tyrannical behaviour, is helping to expedite its demise as world’s only super power.

Tun M’s statement is the beacon to the emerging new world order. No Malaysian leader has uttered a more perfect, profound statement like Tun M. His statement is fittingly suitable for the New Malaysia that PH is trying to give all Malaysians.

The PH government has taken various baby steps to implement/fulfil its many manifesto promises since GE14. Many a times, it got side tracked by the opposition’s trumpeting negative value of “fear” of loss of political and racial rights etc. All sensible Malaysians who know what is good for our nation would not subscribe to this “fear” factor. “Fear”, “jealousy” “rights” and other negative factors have never got any country or race anywhere in the world. There are clear indications that these are negative value leaders. They would not help to build national greatness for Malaysia. No country or race has gotten to the top by embracing and inculcating negative values among its citizens. More than that, negative values are destructive, suppressive, regressive and keeping people poor like in the feudal system. 

It is increasingly clear that the Americans, in their falling economic/political standing in the world, have adopted many negative values for quite a long time. One very outstanding of such negative value is that they think it is their birth right to be No. 1 super power and no other country and/or political system can usurp them from their august “high and mighty” position. Many Malaysians have this same negative attitude too.

The baby steps of the PH government I have mentioned earlier show lack of conviction in its own direction and leadership. Good example is the recent decision of increasing the number of positions for matriculation from 25,000 to 40,000. The PH government is trying to please all which in the end, will make no one any happier. Instead, it is continuing to promote mediocracy among all Malaysians. It is an easy way out. It will perpetuate negative values, instead of imbuing positive values like “I can do it” confidence or hard work will pay. 

Tun M’s 1 Belt 1 Road statement to the world is also the perfect statement for New Malaysia. I am certain Tun M being the man he has always been, does not have double standards. Just like the English saying “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.”. 

Lacking in the PH government so far is a very clear vision which Tun M has now provided in his Beijing statement, definitive political and economic leadership which can pin point the way forward for all Malaysians. Most importantly is political courage to tell Malaysians what it should be, like Tun M has done in Beijing. Such a vision is exactly what Tun Mahathir has prescribed to the world in Beijing. 

Political courage is key Malaysian national greatness. Malaysians can advance to high income status for which we are more than capable of and have the resource for it. However, it is not like a walk in the park. For years, Malaysians of all races have been poisoned with a great number of negative values. 

Definitely there are more negative values than positive ones. Not easy to lead Malaysians out of this cauldron of negative value system that is more than 40 years old with many wanting to protect their rights protected and with just as many thinking they are being deprived or discriminated. justly Malaysia cannot continue with this diabolical racial dilemma. The solution is to get all to give up these negative positions, work hard with the confidence of being justly rewarded .

Does Malaysia have leaders with the necessary mental capacity, vision and courage to lead Malaysians in the path of national greatness? I will deal with mental capacity and vision first. All our leaders have the necessary mental capacity and vision. Najib has them when he introduced his New Economic Model and Government Transformation Programmes when he first became PM. Courage he was lacking for he abandoned it soon after the launch with great fanfare. 

Tun M has it all, plenty mental capacity, clear vision and ample courage. In his case, too many Malaysians lack the necessary will to embrace all that he has to offer. Too many Malaysians cannot accept the harsh reality of hard work, competitiveness to achieve greatness. Too many Malaysians resort to corruption, and quick wealth by “hook or by crook”.

As for Anwar who will become the next PM, he too has all the requisites. I am a bit taken aback by his illogical explanation on increasing the number for matriculation to 40,000. 

He is creating more mediocre graduates, not more resilient ones. National greatness will never come from mediocracy.

He is just taking the easy way out. If mediocracy can create national greatness, every country will be great! He is not promoting the right values. My greatest fear for PH government is that it may eventually, like Najib, get cold feet with its transformation. 

It should remain steadfast even its approval rating may get a beating now. Rating goes up and down, the PH government must remain on course as far as its transformation is concerned. Do what is right for the people, for the nation and the rating will be take care of. Malaysians can judge what is right and wrong for themselves.

Not fair of me if I don’t say that the PH government has done many things that are of  positive values like promotion of rule of law, national value of “mercy for all creations”, much more transparency and a lot more fairness to common Malaysians. PH government is on the right track. The speed of transformation the PH government can implement will ultimately depend on the uptake capacity of all Malaysians to embrace positive values. I am certain that when more Malaysians can see the benefits of PH’s transformation, the faster Malaysia can become an advance nation.

Does not need intelligence to preach negative values to gain political support. Any kampong leader can do it. But this does not promote national greatness. Instead, it will lead to national destruction. National greatness can only be wrought and drudged by visionary leaders with political courage, not political tentativeness, to impart to the people that positive values like hard work, not “bantuan” and honesty, not corruption, the rule of law, not gangsterism/violence is the way to make Malaysia great. Malaysians should remember “easy to destruct, difficult to create”. Don’t let leaders with negative values derail us.

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