Kiulu lass on  traditional outfit
Published on: Sunday, June 02, 2019
By: R Gonzales

KIULU-level Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan winner, Elvira Satebon, wore the traditional “Sinulamba” costume, which represents the community of Dusun in Kiulu, recently.

Elvira, 20, said the costume was made by her mother and by wearing it, people will recognise the Dusun community in Kiulu.

“The ‘Sinulamba’, or formerly known as ‘Sinombiaka’, is for women while ‘Timbangan’ is for men. 

“There are three ‘Sinulamba’ variants – ‘Sinulamba Sumandadak’, ‘Sinulamba Pinolongon’ and ‘Sinulamba Sinandang’, while for men, ‘Sinulamba’ Tampong and ‘Sinulamba’ Bangkad. 

“The Sunduk (covering the head or hair) implies the dignity of a woman while the Kurilib (two clothes worn on both shoulders) shows the symbol of a loving woman.

“Gonob is worn at knee-level to ease the movement and show diligence while Sinombiaka (the traditional costume of the woman) is a symbol of precision and patience.

“In addition to silver and gold accessories, the ‘Sinulamba’ is decorated with red or gold paddy embroidery made from Dalai fruit seeds,” she said. – R Gonzales 

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