Mustapha vows to pursue Sabah varsity
Published on: Tuesday, July 23, 1974

SABAH TIMES (Monday, July 23, 1974) - The Chief Minister, Tun Datu Haji Mustapha bin Datu Harun has assured the people that he will do everything possible to set up a university in Sabah. 

He disclosed he would hold further discussions and negotiations with the Federal Government and the State to fulfil this important objective. 

The Chief Minister gave this assurance when he declared open the new $3.2 million Tawau power station on Saturday. 

He said in our efforts to develop our country we need trained and experienced staff in the field of science and technology and the only way to secure such experienced personnel we must have our own University College in Sabah. 

The Chief Minister in his opening speech added: 

“Since Sabah joined the Federation under the guidance of the Sabah Alliance Party, our rate of development has achieved great momentum and progress; and in the past, I found that the Lembaga Letrik Sabah succeeded in meeting the increasing need for power supply in the State.

Last year, a Power Station Complex was officially opened at Sandakan. Today we have the pleasure to witness another big power station and I have been informed that soon another new Power Station at Lahad Datu with generating power of 4,750 Kw compared with the old 925 Kw power house, will be officially opened. I am sure too that these development processes will not only be carried on but also be quickened in pace to meet the needs and requirements of the State.

 “The government policy in respect of development projects is aimed at fulfilling the aspirations of the people and the nation as a whole. The developments carried out by the Board to extend effectively its extension services and facilities and in accelerating the implementation of development projects in the rural and remote areas of the country have shown beyond doubt that the Board is aware of the objectives of our government. 

“It is my hope that these good efforts will not only be continued but also accelerated to solve problems in future in the State. Under the Second Malaysia Plan, the Government has taken positive measures to bring about progress and prosperity to the rural areas of the State. 

“The implementation of electricity supply to the rural areas is one of the important objectives of our government to accelerate progress in the areas mentioned. 

“The Sabah Alliance Party has always felt the need and realises the problems confronting the people of the State, and wishes to bring about changes in their life, more particularly those residing in the remote areas where electricity supply has not yet been extended.

“I wish to urge the rural people, after electricity power has been provided for them, to use it properly to obtain optimum benefit. They should use it not only for household purposes but they purposes as well such as in the ‘Cottage Industry’. In doing so, the people will raise their standard of living and become equal to their fellow brothers in other parts of the State.

 “I appreciate the problems faced by the Lembaga Letrik in the implementation of its various development projects in the rural areas, which have since been planned for them, particularly in regard to its financial aspects. Nevertheless I wish here to give assurance to the Lembaga that all development projects to be carried out in rural areas by the Lembaga will not in any way be impeded by the shortage of funds. 

“The State Government provide whatever forms of assistance needed so ‘that the smooth implementation of its programmes could be carried out without much delay. 

“I wish to take the opportunity here to express my sincere appreciation to the Lembaga for its consideration on a rebate to the existing tariff in the rural areas under which electricity consumers are required to pay much lower than the usual rates of payment. 

“I believe this decision will be greatly appreciated by the people in the rural areas because it means they too will benefit from the much lower rates of electricity. 

“The Chairman of the Lembaga has touched .upon various development projects that have been planned for several years to meet the needs and requirements of all the applicants for power supply in the State. I am confident the Lembaga will succeed in carrying out all its development programmes. 

“Apart from this new Power Station Complex, I believe the Lembaga will also carry out other power extension works throughout the country. I hope all these works will be carried out smoothly and urge other Government departments to give full co-operation to the Lembaga in regard to site preparation for the power house and improvement of the access roads to the power house. 

“I see that the number of power stations in Sabah has increased and so have their equipment and staff increased. 

“Although the Lembaga experiences a shortage of engineers, I am proud that it has, nevertheless, carried out its works with full success and I hope that the Lembaga Chairman and his staff will carry on their good work for the benefit of the State. 

“I am pleased indeed to see that the Lembaga is earnestly carrying out its programme training and sending its young staff to take courses either in electrical engineering or mechanics, This will greatly contribute to further programnes of developments. 

“I also wish to convey my congratulations to the Acting Chairman of the Lembaga Letrik for having not only carried out its various development programmes but also in the training and educating the staff. In our efforts to develop our country we need trained and experienced staff in the field of technology and science, and in order to secure such personnel I will take appropriate and positive action to set up a University Colllege in Sabah.

 “I will conduct negotiations and hold further discussions with the Federal Government and my colleagues in the State in order to attain this important objective until we have set up a university in our State”.

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