Moved by the lives dad touched during  his lifetime
Published on: Sunday, June 09, 2019

Following the passing of our father, SM Mohamed Idris (pic),  we have been touched by wave after wave of prayer, sympathy and generosity of spirit. Touched by tributes that so intimately understand him and his aspirations.

We are all profoundly grateful for this kindness.For us, father was like a great and wonderful tree; the heart of our family, whose shade nurtured us and whose branches provided us a vantage on new horizons.

Seeing all the hearts he has touched and the lives he has changed has made us realise how for him family went far beyond just the ties of kinship.

Hearing recollections of encounters with him has shown us just how firm his conviction was in the dignity of every man.

How great his passion to protect man’s nature in the face of a world bent on reducing it to just a figure in some ledger.

Unbridled by convention and accepted wisdom, he saw the deep interconnectedness of our existence. How we, as humans, are just one part of the vast web of Creation.

Combining his great thirst for knowledge and his deep desire to better the lot of his fellow man, he devoted his life to service and to making a practical difference for others beyond boundaries of culture, creed or position.

His voice, that held power to account, just as often soothed our hearts with the lullabies he sang. His wit, that grasped the heart of a problem, lit up our days with jests and humour.

Even his indefatigable discipline and drive, his expectations, were focused on achieving good for others. So that at the ripe old age of 93 he was still not weary of the battles that had to be met and it was a feat to keep pace with him.

But, alas, we live here, as father would say, on TOL (temporary occupancy licence) and so at the end, we have to return.

We pray that he would be written as one who loved his fellow men, and that God will give all of us the strength and guidance to continue the work of a remarkable man.

Family members of the late 

SM Mohamed Idris

Long-time Penang-based consumer rights icon and environmental activist SM Mohamed Idris died, aged 93, on May 17.


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