Putra may  disturb  the harmony in Sabah,  instead
Published on: Sunday, June 16, 2019
By: CP Kui
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Hello my friend, the coordinator of Sabah Putra . I read in Daily Express that your party which is headed by Ibrahim Ali (pic), the President of Perkasa will be launched this year in Sabah. 

Was it not your party boss who once suggested that all Malay versions of the Bible be burnt? 

And yet your party now wants to be a part of this beautiful, peaceful State of Sabah where there is a large Christian Community. As a Sabahan, surely you know that we in Sabah do not discriminate or insult other’s religions. You know that we respect each other beliefs,  value friendships  and are very tolerant of one another right.

I see that out of Putra’s 10 goals or objectives, the bulk of it comes from the Perkasa agenda. Never mind. We practice democracy. This  is evident from the fact that Putra  has been  recognised by the ROS. By the same token, people are free to join Putra if they want to.

Only two weeks ago, the Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir sarcastically congratulated Putra for being formed and recognised by the ROS. He said now the Malay Bumiputras can be split even further.  If what the PM said is true, that would mean Putra will be hoping to pull away the Malay voters from Umno, PAS and PPBM in future elections. 

So how do the other non-Muslim Bumiputras fit into Putra? As far as I know, the only Putra that will attend to them is Putrajaya!

But let’s talk about your Party President Ibrahim Ali. He has often been describe as a racist and a sexist. Do you remember what he said about unfaithful husbands ? He blamed their wives for neglecting their responsibilities. He did not dare admit that husbands are also responsible for failed marriages.

In 2011, he told the Chinese Community not to attend the Bersih 2.0 rally saying that if there was chaos, the Chinese better stock up their food!

In 2013, Ibrahim Ali mocked the Christian Community by saying that they use Allah in their prayers because they had no name for their God. You can Google that statement. Khairy Jamaluddin, the former Youth Minister from Umno described Ibrahim Ali as a racist. You can Google that too. 

But one of the worst things he did was to mock the late Karpal Singh, the Lion of Jelutong for not standing up in Parliament when everyone knows Karpal was paralysed from his waist down after an accident and was wheelchair bound.

So you really think Putra would be welcome in Sabah ? I would be surprised if it was.


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