Double Six: Acknowledge facts, reality
Published on: Sunday, June 30, 2019

The letter by Joshua Y.C. Kong in Forum last Sunday calling for the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Nomad plane crash at Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu on the 6th June 1976 is rubbish, false and nonsense.

His claims contained a number of evidence of Criminal Crime. At the outset, he must report to the Police and pass all the Criminal Evidences and not hold them and only release to the press after thirty (30) over years. It is a serious crime to withhold Criminal Evidences of eleven (11) people that were killed. Under the Penal Code, Kong, if convicted for withholding Criminal Evidence, is liable to a mandatory jail sentence.

Let’s now go through his admission that he was given evidence by “people”, and claimed that number of “people” including a former Director of Civil Aviation called his office and provided him with Criminal Evidence. Instead of reporting or conveying the evidence to the Police, Joshua Kong must be known by the people as His Lordship Joshua Y.C. Kong.

Otherwise, common-sense dictates that who would want to go to the office of an unknown person who just came back from London. This is particularly true of the Director of Civil Aviation at the time, who was a very honest and straight forward person.

What Lord Joshua Y.C Kong claimed in his letter are as follows:-

1. Labuan was given away because Harris Mohd. Salleh was the Chief Minister, had the late Tun Fuad been around, Labuan would not be given away. He ignored the fact the late Tun Fuad was very Malaysian and friendly with the leaders in KL.

 Sabah lost oil. He ignored the fact that:-

a) Parliament, the Supreme Body of Malaysia of which Sabah is well represented, passed a Law that all oil and gas on shore and offshore belonged to Petronas.

b) Sabah State boundary is only 12 KM from shoreline.

c) His Lordship also ignored that many countries in the world gave areas for their Federal Capital. These included: (i) New South Wales, gave the area now known as Canberra, Capital of Australia, (ii) Sarawak gave Bintulu to Federal Government for Oil and Gas Industries; (iii) Selangor gave Kuala Lumpur to Federal Government to be the Capital of Malaysia. Of course there are many others.

2. Much trouble with previous government (Usno) what trouble? Absolute nonsense – Anti Malaysia?

3. People came to His Lordship and provided Criminal Evidence which he conveniently withheld – This is a criminal offence under the Penal Code.

4. He claimed that in 1980, a Director of Civil Aviation which by the way is a Federal Department came to his office and told His Lordship that a Senior Civil Servant had entered the Control Tower and gave instructions to Controllers to delay the landing of Nomad Aircraft carrying the Chief Minister of Sabah.    


This is utter rubbish:

In the first place the Director at the time was Datuk Arulampalam, a very Senior Civil Servant who is a serious, honest and straight man had gone to see him personally. He would not stoop so low as to go to His Lordship’s office to tell that a Senior Civil Servant was giving instruction to Controllers to delay the plane landing.


This is false and utter rubbish:

a) His Lordship, Joshua Kong is surely aware that Kota Kinabalu International Airport at that time was empty. The Controller knowing that the Sabah Chief Minister was on Board would give priority over others on landing or take off.

(i) The crash happened just a few hundred meters from the Airport. The plane must have been around 500 feet from the ground.

(ii) The plane fell apart because the Nomad Aircraft was poorly built as confirmed by the TV7 Australian documentary titled “Lies In The Sky”.

(iii) A Bomb on Board. This again is rubbish and nonsense. His Lordship admitted knowing that a Bomb was on Board – This is Criminal Evidence and he should have immediately reported the matter to the Police. He should be arrested for withholding such vital information.

5. The Ban on the book the Golden Son of the Kadazans describing the tragic incident is still banned. The Book must have contained sensitive and racial over tones. After all the Malay (Muslim) leaders in the Federal Government are not stupid. At all costs they must avoid racial tension in Malaysia – a multi-racial country. Datuk Pairin Kitingan was Chief Minister of Sabah, then why did he not do anything about it?

His Lordship should file a suit demanding the Ministry of Home Affairs to lift the ban, it is that simple. There are many Kadazan lawyers who would be willing to give free service for the cause. 

6. His Lordship also claimed that the Civil Court cannot make any closure of the case. Being a Lordship why is he so ignorant of civilisation. The Court will only take into account evidence produced before it. Based on evidence the Court will make a verdict accordingly.

His Lordship must be referring to Harris Mohd. Salleh case against Datuk Yong Teck Lee case.

Further in conclusion, there may be a case against his Lordship Joshua Kong for withholding Criminal Evidence of the 11 people murdered. That is: (i) Criminal Information on the ‘very Senior Civil Servant’ who had forced himself into the Control Towers and gave instruction to delay the landing of the plane; and (ii) That ‘people’ came to his office and gave him criminal evidence of a bomb on the plane.

There are four (4) defamatory statements in His Lordships letter to Forum on Page 17, Sunday, 23rd June 2019, reference or implicated Harris Mohd Salleh of Criminal the Conspiracy of the killing of eleven (11) people. These words are:-

i. “We lost Labuan”;

ii. Civil Court cannot make any disclosure to the case;

iii. Director of Civil Aviation came to his office to reveal that a very Senior Civil Servant had entered the Control Tower at that particular time;

iv. A Bomb in the plane.

These 4 statements are defamatory and evidence of Criminal Crimes.

Harris Mohd. Salleh based on these facts as written and published should proceed with (i) Suing his lordship  Joshua Y.C. Kong for defamation and (ii) Apply to the Attorney General Malaysia for Criminal Private Persecution under the Penal Code against his lordship.

Harris must not tolerate every year being accused and insinuated by politicians or otherwise being implicated on the death of our beloved Chief Minister late Tun Fuad Stephens and 10 others. It is high time that the public acknowledge the facts and reality

Of course there is nothing wrong to call for 100 Royal Commissions of Inquiry or Mr Donald Trump Inquiry. But it is wrong when implicating someone for the reinvestigation and re-inquiry. Both the Australian and Malaysian Governments are required by law of respective countries to carry out investigation and file a report of the Double Six Nomad Plane Crash. 

Parties that are not satisfied can just simply go to the Australian or Malaysia National Achieves photocopy and publish the report. All the reports are no longer classified after twenty-one (21) years. It cannot go on every year. There must be a limit for any issues or matters to be raised time and again.

The reason as to why Joshua Y.C. Kong has to be called as His Lordship because as he claimed that “people” and former Director of Civil Aviation came to him to report and provide criminal evidence of the tragedy, instead of going to the Police to make their report. Thus he deserves to be called as His Lordship.

Based on logic, common sense and fair and just, his lordship’s writing is just to accuse implicate and humble Harris Mohd. Salleh. He claimed he was educated in London and only came back in the 1980s. Therefore, surely he is civilised, full of logic, full of common sense and humanly fair and just to others. 

It must be said categorically, he cannot prove and justify his accusations and implicate Harris Mohd. Salleh in his letter to the Editor as mentioned and quoted. Therefore, his only motive is to accuse, implicate and humiliate Harris Mohd. Salleh in the eyes of the general public. 

It is hoped that Harris Mohd. Salleh will (i) file a defamation case, and (ii) Privately persecute His Lordship for holding Criminal Evidences as provided by the “people” to him over thirty years ago. There are no Statutes of Limitations with anything to do with crime. In this case the effective date is 23 June 2019 – just weeks ago.

Awang Jambul


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