Umno should come to Sabah: Dzul
Published on: Monday, June 21, 1976

KST (Monday, June 21, 1976) - KUALA LUMPUR, Sunday – Datuk Haji Dzulkifli bin Datuk Haji Abdul Hamid (pic) believes that an extension of Umno party to Sabah and Sarawak would help further political integration of bumiputras throughout the country.

He said this in a press interview in the national capital here yesterday. 

Datuk Dzulkifli, who is Usno State Assemblyman for Bongawan, was asked to comment on an article which appeared in the Kinabalu Sabah Times recently speculating on the possibility of Umno extending a wing over Sabah and Sarawak. 

“The Federal Government is now in the process of integrating the various fields of activities of the country, including that of the civil service and the police force. 

“It would also be necessary to have full political integration throughout the country,” said Datuk Dzulkifli, who explained that he was giving these views in his personal capacity and not in his capacity as a Vice President of Usno. 

“I personally feel that the time has come for Umno which is the backbone party in the Malaysian Government, to consider extending its activities and services to Sabah and Sarawak,” he said.  

Commenting on the proposal that the name for the new wing of Umno for the east Malaysian States be a little different from the main body, Datuk Dzulkifli said. 

This proposal is appropriate, because the bumiputras in Peninsular Malaysia have been known and referred to in the Constitution as Malays, whereas in Sabah the bumiputras are known by the names of their various racial tribes. 

“It is therefore obvious that the name United Malays National Organisation is unsuitable for both Sabah and Sarawak. 

“However, the principles of Umno which among other things are to uphold the rights and privileges of Malays in Peninsular Malaysia is just the same as the principles of upholding the destiny of the bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak. 

“Even though there is a difference in name, its existence in Sabah and Sarawak should be considered as a wing of Umno’s main body and not to be regarded in any way as a new political party. 

“I feel that the proposed name of United Malaysian Natives Organisation is very suitable for Sabah and Sarawak. 

“It symbolises the various racial tribes in the eastern States and it would enable all bumiputras. regardless of their religious beliefs, to be accepted as members,” Datuk Dzulkifli explained.  He said it was difficult to achieve an integration of the bumiputras in every aspects if Umno, being a vital force in the Government, did not extend its wings throughout the country. 

“Although political parties at state level could work together through the Barisan Nasional, this is still not a political integration in the true sense if the main party (Umno) does not have its wings extended throughout the country.” 

He added that with such a political integration, various aspects of integration would be achieved more easily especially in the civil service and the police force with regards to the States of Sabah, Sarawak and other West Malaysian States. 

“In view of this, it is most essential that there should be a political integration of the bumiputras through Umno and political integration for the non-bumiputras through MCA.” 

Datuk Dzulkifli has quoted a few examples of thc achievements that can be obtained by Umno should it have a strong foothold throughout the country and they are:- 
  • THE PRINCIPLES and objectives of bumiputras throughout the country could be coordinated and more unified through a one party system: 
  • TO PUT off the feeling of individuality of any particular ethnic grout,: 
  • TO STRENGTHEN further a federal system of ruling:
  • TO STRENGHTEN further the spirit of unity to face all threats:. 
  • TO EASILY overcome any form of problem through a one party system. 

Datuk Dzul pointed out that the idea of extending a wing of Umno to Sabah was not new. “This matter has been mentioned by Usno leaders since a few years back and something toward this aspect would materalise and it is now a question of it being implemented at a more appropriate time.” 

He added that it had been the unofficial views of many that Usno is actually Umno, “because the concept of Usno is very much in line with the principles of Umno and that is to defend and uphold the rights and privileges of the bumiputras apart front maintaining goodwill amongst the various races”. 

“Usno is a bumiputra party that strongly supports and co-operates in the upholding the aims and objectives of Umno. Usno has never challenged Umno. In every elections, Usno would win. In other words, Usno and Umno are very much like blood and flesh that cannot be separated,” he pointed out. 

When asked to comment on the possibility that with the setting up of a wing of Umno in Sabah it would mean the dissolution of Usno or Usno would have to be dissolved to pave the way for Umno’s wings to be established here in Sabah, Datuk Dzul said that he was not in a position to say anything to this effect as he was not given the mandate to speak on this. 

“But the leaders of Usno are nationalistic leaders who could visualise situations and think far ahead and they are constantly in favour of protecting and upholding the rights and privileges of the bumiputras and national integration by whatever means possible. In addition, Usno itself had renewed its pledge to strengthen the principles towards the strengthening of one Malaysian nation. 

“Although Usno is considered an opposition party in Sabah, it has up till this day still a member of the Government at Federal level and has always been loyal and cooperative with other political parties that are affiliated to the Barisan Nasional, especially the Umno,” he explained. 

* The above statement by Datuk Dzulkifli that Umno should expand to Sabah and Sarawak was made a week after the Double Six tragedy on 6.6.1976 when new CM Tun Fuad Stephens and four members of his Cabinet were killed in the Nomad air crash in Sembulan. – Ed

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