Alternative way  of making Tanjung Aru livelier
Published on: Sunday, July 21, 2019

MUCH has been said and written about Tanjung Aru Eco Development that it has evoked such a degree of controversy. 

As it is there must be someone waiting to grab the deal without giving a damn to the ordinary folks who badly need some fresh air and sea breeze. 

I believe staff of Daily Express also need to take a breather there once in a while, and they have the right to visit the place without hindrances. 

A glance at Google map would immediately confirm the fears of the people and NGOs as it is clear that Tg. Aru beach is the last stretch of beach with a green lung that is available for Sabahans especially KK folks to access. 

It would be better to reclaim all the land at the other end of KKIA near Kg. Contoh, Petagas, where matters are easier with the existing roads there. 

They can develop their eco project there and nobody will bother. Alternatively, the eco project people can try to barge their way in to the recently launched KK Resort City at Lokkawi and perhaps carve out some area there. 

Right now, the existing situation in Tg. Aru beach is always busy. I dread even to imagine the helluva massive daily traffic jam if the eco project is there. 

What the government needs to do now at Tg. Aru  is to spruce up the area, add in simple but practical facilities that are not jarring to the eye or destructive to the environment. 

The green lung can be maintained as a green core of nature where the trees are left alone with perhaps some jogging tracks, some low-intensity jungle accommodation, bird-watching platforms, cafeterias, exercise or playground equipment, a boating lake which can be expanded from the existing pond, etc.

All these should merge seamlessly with the greenery that Tg. Aru beach is so well known for. 

Isn’t such creations huge avenues to create job opportunities that can absorb hundreds of unemployed youths now languishing in KL? Aren’t these creations cheaper and less damaging to the environment and the greenery’? Isn’t this good for the state and Sabahans, which obviously is heading in the direction of a win-wits situation? 

As such I can safely say that matters can be turned around into a win-win situation if the government is amenable to accepting some modifications where much of the greenery is retained while creating jobs and business opportunities and attractions for locals as well as tourists. 



The traffic situation when completed was one of the areas of concern under the previous plan.

However, since how the revised project would be is yet to be explained, it is better to wait and see. – ED

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