Squatters are  getting bolder
Published on: Sunday, July 21, 2019

A NEW squatter colony is sprouting up at Km 3 along Jalan Tuaran. The exact location is just opposite the Government Printers Department near Wisma Wanita. 

I recently noticed quite a number of squatter houses have been coming up on that plot of land which I believe must be a road reserve. For many years, that land had been planted with banana trees with only a single squatter house. I believe the squatter must be an illegal immigrant considering that the house is never visible unless looked at closely. 

As a Sabahan, I am now worried it may soon mushroom into a large squatter colony from where the illegals will spread out throughout the entire area to do their illegal acts such as robbing, stealing, breaking into houses, molesting young girls, raping, etc. 

I believe these illegals must have been emboldened by the new political scenario whereby they may have begun to think that Sabah belongs to their grandfathers. With that they may also claim their right to be given documents, land and eventually PR and citizenship. According to some accounts this happening in Lahad Datu already through a syndicate.

Obviously our local boys and girls will soon be edged out into the streets. 

Indeed this is already happening as nearly all the road sweepers, toilet cleaners, dumptruck workers, are mostly from the KDM community. Really sad situation. 

So with this report about the new squatter colony, can somebody do something about it? 

I hope Daily Express can do something to help the state because in doing so, it is also helping the people of Sabah and KK. 


n Daily Express can only do so much, like highlighting your concerns. It is for the YB for the area, upon reading this, to do the necessary. – ED

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