To declare or not: Many cite transparency as factor
Published on: Sunday, July 28, 2019

‘They should declare assets’

MPs are ‘law makers’ in which they are committed to making laws and regulations that the people need to obey. 

I think that they should declare their assets to enable the people to evaluate if the people’s representative can defend them or not. 

Based on integrity principle, MPs should declare their assets before and after holding the post as MP. 

Is the law different for civilians, civil servants, state assemblymen and MPs? Why does the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Inland Revenue Board only make it compulsory for civilians and civil servants to declare their assets? Why don’t they enforce the same requirement on MPs?

Declaring ones assets does not refer to religious understanding or otherwise but it reflects the integrity and source of the proceeds or assets. 

If the result is doubtful, the people have the right to right to petition for the MACC to investigate those who fail to declare their assets. – Winnie Juani, 60s, NGO activist


‘Declared assets a must’

DECLARED assets by MP is a must as under dirty democracy money is the ultimate aim of all possible game. – Ooi Say Tuan, 60s, Businessman 


‘Must have transparency’

YES, definitely, because everyone else have to declare, must have transparency, where they get their money from. – Mary Gan, Voluntary worker


‘No need, personal matter’

I THINK not necessary, it is a personal matter, and it’s their right to declare or not. – Teresa, 40s, nurse 


‘No need to declare’

I THINK no need to declare their assets, as this will only open opportunities for irresponsible quarters in demanding this and that , perhaps there will be bias against one person or group. – Dane, 30s, public sector 


‘Everybody needs to be 


YES, because it is an undertaking by the new government that everybody needs to be transparent, so of course it is good to be upfront with one’s possessions, I believe that is one of the manifestoes in the new government and the people know that the government is sincere in wanting to ‘crush’ corruption so that everybody can be able to know each other’s assets and so on, I would definitely say yes to declaring one’s assets. – Datuk Nancy Ho, 71, Charter President of Sabah Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association 


‘Nothing to hide’

YES, they should, I think even those in the government service have to declare their assets, so there is no reason why the MPs don’t declare, there is nothing to hide. – Datuk Irene Benggon Charuruks, 60s, retired 


‘Give confidence to public’

I THINK politicians they must declare their assets to give confidence to the public that they are doing a good job, that they are not hiding anything and that their participation in politics has no personal agenda, the contribution to the rakyat is very much more important. – Datuk Hajah Zahra Ismail Gomes, 70s, retiree who is passionate for community work 


‘Proof that MPs fraud-free’

I AGREE with the government, that it should be compulsory for MPs to declare their assets because the people want to know their (MPs) financial source besides monthly salary and allowance. Declaring one’s assets will also prove to the people that they (MPs) are free from money laundering. – Moon OCH, 30s, private sector 


‘Ensuring lawmakers don’t abuse power’

THE regulations requiring lawmakers to declare their assets is but one more mechanism to ensure that lawmakers do not use their public office to enrich themselves or their relatives so that their actions are based on public interest instead of self or vested interests. – Azam Aziz, 47, Kuala Lumpur


‘Know their actual wealth’

I TOTALLY agree with the asset declaration by MPs. If it is not done, the people would not know their actual wealth. Transparency will not enable MPs to use the people’s money freely, or else, the people will be working day and night for the benefit of unscrupulous leaders and his or her cronies.  The new regulation would also contain corrupt practises among people’s representatives. It is also a good measure to prevent any false allegation against leaders. I praise the initiative taken by the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government as this is one of the steps towards a right practise of democracy. – Yangko, 26, Kota Marudu


‘Reduce ill practises’

YES, MPs and all government officials should declare their assets, including foreign ones. Undoubtedly, it is hard to eradicate corruption as no matter what, power abuse will continue to happen, but at least, these ill practises can be reduced by declaring their assets. 

The government has to be more transparent. A proper mechanism should also be in place to verify their asset declaration and I think if they really want to pursue this, they should also clarify the sources for their personal wealth. This is a good move, especially when the public nowadays tend to be suspicious when they see these new MPs display a lavish and unjustifiable lifestyle. As such, I am confident that a good asset declaration system would dismiss any negative accusation from the public. – Ramesh Salimun, 39, Kota Belud


‘Knowing finances in good use’

I THINK this is good as we, the people, would like to know if our finances are put into good use and we will gladly ostracise anyone who are corrupted. – Jethro Kabinch, 39, Inanam


‘Practice what they preach’

I SUBSCRIBE to this measure wholeheartedly. In fact, it should have been done long ago, regardless they are MPs or government officials, especially when there are many leakages in the government’s financial department. 

If our leaders speak about transparency but they do not practise what they preach then it is pointless. By declaring their assets, the people can see whether these leaders are sincere in serving the country, especially when the previous MPs and ministers are tainted with bad reputation. – Vallerio Gumbilai, 32, Tamparuli


‘Avoid scepticism by people’

YES, I agree that MPs should declare their assets as this is one of the ways that they could avoid scepticism by the people. It could also prevent corruption from getting worse aside from enhancing the people’s trust and support. 

It would further boost the integrity of elected people’s representatives as the system is more transparent. Irresponsible quarters would also have to think twice before abusing allocations for mega projects. – Rizuan Asmarah, 30, Kota Marudu


‘For the sake of transparency’

AGREE. for the sake of transparency. We voted for them to take our country forward, and not pillage on our money. There should be a separate arm reporting only to the King, beyond the powers of the Prime Minister. – Daniel Franklin general manager, Malaysian living in Lombok, 42


‘To curb further graft’


AGREE, especially for those who were in reign during the previous term to ensure transparency and to curb further corruption. – Rayner, business owner, Penampang, 35


‘Not necessary’ 

I THINK it is not necessary to declare their properties because they might get it from family inheritance. However, the must declare the salary received to make sure of transparency. – Christina Teh, Tutor, Likas, 42


‘Avoid power abuse’

THIS is very good as it can make sure no members of parliament received any sort of corrupted money or abuse their power to become rich.  – Adele J.A, self-employed, 52


‘Prevention better than cure’

ALL MP’s should declare their assets. It is an age where corruption, bribery and abuse of power is rife. Prevention is better than cure. – Sanam K a/p Sarjeet Singh, retiree, Klang, 67


‘Promotes clean image’

IT is a way to promote clean image of the minister or government. If one intends to be corrupt, one will find a way or loophole to commit it. – Chan Tzun Hei, 36, Former Community Development Leaders (PPM) Elopura, Sandakan


‘Transparency on usage’ 

I AGREE ministers should declare their assets for transparency on their money usage. Every cent spent must be declared to avoid money laundering. – Jorge Ant Missi, 43, Project Planner 


‘No money goes into their pockets’ 

AGREE, they should be transparent. We do not wish the money to go into the politicians’ pockets. – Eugene Chong, 31, Professional Musician


‘Transparent relationship with voters’ 

AGREE. Politicians, as elected servants of the people, should be held accountable and have a transparent relationship with their voters. If the declaration is not made public, it should be at least be accessible by the anti-corruption authorities without going through any bureaucratic redtape. – Casey Lee, 33, Technical Writer


‘Public figure, public declaration’

IT’S for public transparency due to widespread past abuses by MPs. It’s also good to be transparent about one’s income, especially when one is a public figure. – Rick S.


‘Yes, definitely’

YES, MPs should definitely declare their assets. To know whether they are corrupt or not. – Stephanie Lee 


‘MPs elected to serve’

YES, I agree. MPs are elected to serve the nation and not for the other way round. Let not the nation serve them for their personal wealth enrichment. – Aaron A.


‘Prevent corruption’ 

DECLARATION of assets is to ensure confidence among citizens that our elected representatives are transparent and trustworthy. It’s to help prevent corruption and conflicts of interest, while protecting them of false accusations as well. – Rachel SJ 


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