First State Assembly session under Malaysia
Published on: Thursday, September 26, 1963

Yang diPertua Negara inspecting the guard of honour mounted by the Police.
DAILY EXPRESS (September 26, 1963) - JESSELTON, Sept 25.– Independent Sabah held its first Legislative Council meeting here this morning at the new Council Chamber at the Secretariat.

It was an historic occasion — as described by the Yang di-Pertua Negara — because Sabah’s Legislative body met for the first time in an independent state. Council faced its first task in having to amend its standing orders so as to bring them in line with other Legislatures in the Commonwealth countries. Earlier, Ministers and members of the Council were sworn in at a solemn ceremony lasting about half an hour. 

For the first time observers saw the Speaker’s procession and the conduct of a Parliamentary procedure in an independent country. In the chair was Sir George Ohelers, also Speaker of the Singapore Legislative Assembly. The Chief Minister informed the Council in a statement that the Yang di-Pertua Negara would address the Council. Before suspending the meeting the Speaker in his communication from the chair explained briefly the parliamentary procedure and the needs of the new Council. The Chief Minister in his reply assured the Speaker that the Government would give urgent attention to the points raised by the Speaker. A Guard of Honour was mounted outside the Secretariat under the Command of ASP Mohd Yusuf. The Police Band under the leadership of Captain Brookes was in attendance. The Yang di-Pertua Negara took the salute and inspected the Guard before proceeding to the Council Chamber followed by the Speaker and the Clerk of the Council. 

Members of the Secretariat staff and many others watched this solemn ceremony for the first time. Following the Yang di-Pertua Negara’s policy speech to the House, the meeting was adjourned until afternoon. The session resumed at 2.30 pm and sat for about an hour and adjourned again until tomorrow at 10 a.m. 

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