It’s game over before it could begin
Published on: Sunday, August 11, 2019

Ever wondered why watching the All England or Thomas Cup badminton games are more exciting then watching our Sabah politics at play ? Well, wonder no more and here are the reasons why.

We just got the go-ahead to create 13 new State seats. This was, of course, passed by an act in Parliament. But just as I open my packet of kuachi to watch the political manoeuvres at play, the game was over. 

A Deputy President of Warisan has already laid claim to the 13 seats. So the score would read as follows – Warisan 13- PKR 0; Warisan 13-DAP 0; Warisan 13- PPBM 0. Game set and over. I thought when I got married, it would also be a walkover for me but boy, oh boy did I get that wrong!

The Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister has declared that it is not the time to discuss seats. I agree. They should, instead, be discussing seeds. The type of seeds that should be planted to ensure our economy improves, the type of seeds that will lift the burden of the increasing cost of living and the type of seeds that will give all Sabahans positive hopes. This might run smack against the adage that says, he who hopes is hopeless! Never mind. We still hope. After all, at the moment, we got nothing else. 

With hope, we try to be positive. We had hoped that people like Federal education Minister Maszlee Malik would consult our State Chief Executive on the appointment of the new Vice Chancellor of UMS. After all that was the understanding. But, sadly it didn’t happen. We now hope that the Federal Minister of Finance will give us a Rm5 billion dollar loan for better rural roads since Penang is likely to get a Rm20 billion loan from Putrajaya for two of their PTMP components. 

We can hope in the same way my neighbour hopes to strike the 4D Jackpot. After all he has been hoping since he was 30. He is now 73. I am wondering why the lack of consultations between the Federal and State Government? This is not the first time this has happened. The same thing happen with the early retirement of the previous Vice Chancellor of UMS and the gas pipeline for which 80pc was paid in advance for 13pc of completed work. 

I am very sure consultation is what the State Government hopes for in it efforts to build a better relationship between over there and over here. Kenny Chua of PKR couldn’t have said it better when he said “ Even when we come to visit a friend’s house, we would first knock on the door. We don’t simply barge in like a thief or robber”. So really, what are the State leaders to the Federal leaders? Friend, foe or victims waiting to be burgled ?

In a relationship you pray that the right partner will walk into your life. 

Then you pray that your partner doesn’t walk all over or walk out on you. Seen any footsteps lately YB ?

CP Kui.


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